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  • PopCorn Corner

    • Finally AppleByte Version 9

      I am serious about giving for free — template and some of my sample works. Guys thanks for your download. Please post comments on each Template so I can improved the code and design/concept… Ok… Don’t expect to much… Please Im still working on the Flash and W3Validation. Thing to watch out …. I will [...]

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    • Web Directory WordPress plugin

      Finally, you can download the Web Directory WordPress plugin of Gerry. Come to think of it… He never told me it was already available. From Gerry Snippet “Create a web directory for your WordPress blog using the bookmarks stored in your WordPress web site. Maintain the bookmarks using the same WordPress Link manager built-in feature. [...]

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    • WordPress Auto Correct and Mobile Plugin

      Wowee… Finally, Gerry released his auto correct and his famous Mobile plugin for WordPress. The Auto Correct is a simple plugin that lets you correct all occurrences of “wordpress” in your posts and pages with the proper “WordPress” spelling which is with a capital “W” and capital “P” … Download Here And his famous Mobile [...]

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Your Guide on PC Tablet

Thinking of buying a touch screen pc/mobile tablet.You can choose from the most prestigious, true multitasking, open source based or the cheapest. Let’s see… Blackberry claimed to be reasonable in price, while the HP TouchPad will be the first tablet running WebOS of Palm a true multitasking, also Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”) used by Motorola Xoom [...]

Image Map and Jquery useful combination

We usually use flash on our Map Projects. Flashmap is quite expensive and more complicated. If you have simple image map you can use the following sample: David Lynch Simple United State Map – simple jquery map, used poly shape on html image mapping. Div Border Map – adding actions (onmouseover) on the Map area [...]

Awesome Jquery

Fade In Hover Menu – The plugin is designed to be used with navigation menus, where each menu item is made from an anchor element within a list-item element. Jquery Menu Style 01 – a full cross-browser compatibility menu and fully accessible even when javascript is turned off, as a pure css menu. Dropdown Menus [...]


Read the Harry Potter Prequel!

J.K. Rowling penned an 800 word prequel to her Harry Potter series to be sold at an auction. All proceeds will be donated to English PEN and Dyslexia Action. Here is the transcribe of HARRY POTTER PREQUEL sold for about $50,000. The Harry Potter Prequel, by J.K. Rowling The speeding motorcycle took the sharp corner [...]

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Glycerin Soap

Yeah! For $6.50 you can order it at Luxury Lane Soap. Currently sold out… These things aren’t mass produced either. According to the Luxury Lane each soap is hand detailed with “matte and metallic” pigments to make yourself an accurate replica. It measures about 4.2 inches by 2.25 inches and it’s also an inch thick.

Anne Curtis distress

It was started on March 21, 2010 when poor Filipino-Australian VJ and television host Anne Marie Ojales Curtis-Smith accidentally revealed her frontal private part. The exposure of her private part caused lot of mental distress to the actress and she expressed her views about the incident in a recent media interview too. Various spectators took [...]

Apple Says

AppleByte 2010 People and Influential Website

I eat and drink with web… Well, my first stop in the morning Biblos an online parallel bible, then Facebook to connect with my friends, then the Twitter, to check out the daily cheesy… That’s my top three most visited website this year. Aside with my daily routine, for time to time, I also check [...]

The Cracked Pot

“O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter does?” declares the LORD. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel. Jeremiah 18:6 An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which she [...]

Happy Father’s Day

This father’s day, I never been so lonely and wishing my father was here. Maybe he will console me and always he will said “Apple andyan na ko.” I am lucky to have a father like him, I remember his long hour of waiting at school yard. Or the baon that he will prepared in [...]