A special place, for almost eight years in this business district. I am blessed to be living and working in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on this side of the Ortigas Center community.


About Me

I am a Front End Developer, love to draw and have an eyes on all beautiful red stuff starting from hairpins to red nike shoes – as long as it is red – I love it. Im in love with the word love and forever in love with my geek husband, my own Edward Collens, Gerry. Into all historical, mythical creatures, adventure, alternative world and romance books. I finished reading hundreds of titles.

I have a sweet tooth, love sweet scent and sweet music. From Bach to Beatles, Michael Buble and Nat King Cole, Earth Wind and Fire , love the soothing sound of The Bread and Boyce Avenue while enjoying the company of James (Ingram and Morrison). My soul sisters The Corrs, Adele, Taylor Swift and Alannis completes my iTunes Playlist.

I enjoy cooking, recently I deprived myself from a cup of coffee, a scoop of icecream, sinful cakes and cholocates so don't tempt me with them... And now I can eat a vegetable pizza and still can't refuse a slice of blueberry cheesecake.



My knowledge base archive of web development. Some of theme are my own tricks and tips, gallery of coolest website, newest jquery and flash animation, php simplest code, illustrations and coolest photoshop designs.

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