The Boy Who Lived “Harry Potter”

Harry Potter and Sorcerrer’s Stone

Harry Potter, the boy who lived… From the moment He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named planned his death, he change the life of Harry Potter.

A Lightning Mark left in Harry Potter forehead, a signed of equality to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named , we never knew what spell he mutter that night, all we knew is that Harry Potter survived.

The Dursley
The family lived in No. 4 Privet Drive, always proud that they are happy normal persons. Vernon, his undeniable anger to wizard must be root of unhappy experience to magic. The Dursley spoiled thier only child Dudley, especially Petunia.

Petunia, felt that she is the second best child. Lily Potter her younger sister, make thier parents proud when she entered the Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardly.

The Dursley doesn’t want to associate themeselve to the Wizard World.

The Unusual Day
The owl flying everywhere, people in clock clothing moving here and there. People celebrating. Everyone in good mood.

Albus Dumbledore
Maybe its the first time he been here, his visit to Privet Drive is more important than celebrating with others. He was here, to ensure the life of a young wizard.

The Taby Cat
Early that morning Mr. Durdley noticed a cat reading a map on the corner of thier. For a second look, he think is out of his mind. On the same day that night he spotted the same cat that morning, it was the same marking around the cat eyes.

The same cat when Albus Dumbledore saw turn into a human being. Professor McGonagall, observed the Dursley all afternoon, she doesn’t like what she saw, but for the child sake, she agreed to Professor Dumbledore decision.

The Boy Who Lived
Harry Potter arrived in Privet Drives when he was a baby. Hagrid brought him driving a motorcycle. A letter left by Professor Dumbledore in the front step of the Dursley.

Harry Potter “Trouble of being Famous”

Harry Potter Porn… Pharse that burgeoning Harry Potter.

Late last year, Warner Bros. attorneys sent cease-and-desist orders to operators of several fan sites in the United States and Britain. A public relations meltdown followed, and the studio was pilloried in the press and shamed by a sweet-faced 16-year-old fan from Virginia. She organized a boycott and gave a Warner Bros. VP a thorough drubbing on MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

The story is about naughty Harry Potter stories belong to the larger online phenomenon called slash fiction (slash refers to stories that pair male characters like Captain Kirk and Spock or Starsky and Hutch; stories about male-female sex are called simply het).

Just as that controversy was beginning to quiet down, Warner Bros. dropped or settled cases against unauthorized sites. The boycott was called off. Then came an even sleazier online affront. The studio executive says that taking legal actions could drawn more attention to offending materials. search lists more than 70 Web sites devoted to Harry Potter slash with some dotcom hosting to 100 or more stories and others featuring vast galleries of fan art picturing Harry and his boarding school chums in flagrante. More of this articles »

Recently a porn film hit the internet. According to the Sun, the film shows toy models of Hermione Granger first working her magic on the boys, Harry and Ron Weasley, and then the three of them enjoying an X-rated threesome.

Parents… you must be concerned about what harry potter materials that your children is collecting.

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Gary Oldman “The Sirius Black”

Good News!!! Producers on the new Harry Potter film have confirmed that they will be signing up Gary Oldman to reprise his role as Sirius.Warner Bros. has just confirmed that Gary Oldman still the Siruis Black… Harry Potter Godfather whom escaped in Azkaban first introduced both in the book and movie.

Despite their recent statement, according to the of Mr. Oldman Manager no agreement has been made.

“At this time Gary Oldman is not set to appear in the next Potter film,” manager Doug Urbanski told HPANA. “I cannot explain why the studio confirmed his appearance.”

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Evanna Lynch Play Luna Lovegood!

A veteran Academy Award nominee and a 14-year-old unknown will join the cast of J.K.

Rowling’s epic Harry Potter series as filming begins this week on the newest movie, producers said. Millions of fans across the world are eagerly awaiting the adaptation of Rowling’s fifth book – “Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix” – with young actor Daniel Radcliffe in the title role.

An Irish Harry Potter fan, Evanna Lynch, will play his love interest in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix after she beat out around 150,000 hopefuls.

According to, Lynch will play Luna Lovegood. Lynch is such a big fan of the Potter series that she named her two cats Luna and Crookshanks. She was even sent a signed copy of the book when she was too sick to attend a book signing.

Her father says, “Words cannot describe how happy she is.”

The plot centers on the arrival of Dolores Umbridge, an unpopular new professor at Hogwarts. She will be played by actress Imelda Staunton, nominated for a 2005 Oscar for her performance in “Vera Drake.”

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix to be directed by David Yates, the new movie is slated for release next year.

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