Another Harry Potter Potter Copycat !

“The Book Thief” is like “Harry Potter and the Holocaust.” Like other books its resembles other, better novels that have been widely popular.

Its roundabout approach to the Holocaust suggests “Everything Is Illuminated” Lite. Its embattled, feisty young heroine has a Potterish appeal as she makes her way through a mystifying adult world.

There is a Vonnegut whimsy to the mordant turns of fate here. And Mr. Zusak’s narrator offers constant manipulative asides, as in the clever Lemony Snicket books, although in this case wit is not much of an option. The narrator is Death.

How can a tale told by Death be mistaken for young-adult storytelling? Easily: because this book’s narrator is sorry for what he has to do.

Markus Zusak the writter said, “To me, war is like the new boss who expects the impossible,” he confides, on one of many occasions when he campaigns to win readers’ approval. “You see?” he says, about the demise of one of the book’s best-liked characters. “Even death has a heart.”

Harry Potter DVD Crash the Violence

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire set the No. 1 position on the DVD sales chart.

A History of Violence snagged the top spot on the DVD rental chart its first week in stores, but the Oscar-nominated crime drama wasn’t able to topple Harry Potter DVD.

Also new on the sales chart last week: Good Night, And Good Luck, debuting at No. 5, and the direct-to-video Barbie-Fairytopia: Mermadia, which bowed at No. 6.

The Hollywood Reporter says the fourth film in the “Harry Potter” franchise outsold “Violence,” which stars Oscar nominee William Hurt, by a margin of nearly 2-1 during the week ended March 19.

“Violence” generated a solid $9.3 million in rental revenue its first week in stores to snatch the top spot on trade publication Home Media Retailing’s video rental chart from Walk the Line, which slipped to No. 2. For the week, the Johnny Cash biopic generated an additional $5.8 in revenue to bring its total rental take after three weeks to $22.2 million.

Mary Grande – Harry Potter Artist

Mary Grandpre has received worldwide recognition for her Harry Potter artwork. She pays close attention to light and color while illustrating Harry’s adventures, drawing the viewer into a magical dreamlike world. She is responsible for the dramatic images found on each Harry Potter book cover and chapter heading.

A must for HARRY POTTER fans. All SIX of the signed and match numbered Potter giclee prints are collected together in a custom leather potfolio case PLUS a seventh image — “The Flying Keys” — which is available only in this special portfolio as a bonus at no additional cost.

Seven limited edition giclees on paper, all from editions of 250 with identical numbers, signed by artist, size 9.375 x 11.75, $900 in custom leather portfolio case. There are only 100 of these suites available nationwide.

She has also created illustrations for Atlantic Monthly, Time Magazine, and Random House publishing where she illustrated classic tales such as Cinderella. She also developed scenery for the Dreamworks feature film Antz. Grandpre has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators professional organization for her artistic works.

Each print is reproduced as a quality fine art giclee and is hand signed by Mary Grandpre in a numbered edition limited to 250 images.