Flash Earth FAQ

Flash Earth is an experimental application of Paul Neave for viewing satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth from multiple mapping websites inside a single Flash-based interface. It is not yet designed to be a fully-fledged mapping application, but a promising flash application. You can view the world map via NASA, Open Layers, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps and Ask.Com Map, recently he remove the google map. Google asked for their imagery to be removed from Flash Earth because it was seen to be a violation of their Terms of Use for the Google Maps API.

How do I use Flash Earth?

To move the map click and drag with the mouse and pan around, or simply click once to re-centre. You can also click on the compass points to move.

You can zoom by dragging the slider bar, by pressing the plus and minus buttons or by scrolling the mouse wheel. You can rotate the map by turning the compass with click and drag.

Apple Tag Galaxy

An amazing application of Steve Woods that uses Papervision3D to explore Flickr photos via virtual planetary systems, the taggalaxy.de definitely the application you must see.

Papervision3D is an open source 3D engine for the Flash platform. For Flash Developer if you want to know more what keep them busy nowadays visit the dev.papervision3d.org.

You want to explore and get Papervision3d Tutorials in Flex 3 here are some of them:

Michael Lively posted 13 video tutorials on Papervision 3d and Flex, which will be usefull for sure to help you entering in this “new age” of Flash Platform.
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Things that I love to have….

Call me materialistic and everything… but there are thing that I wanted to have before 2010… Why 2010? …. I don’t know, just came to me. I must have this things before 2010.

First! This is a necessity… I need a laptop this year. A brand new one. I need to bring a pc everywhere. I canvass every week, actually every time I went to a mall. I still not found what Im looking for…

I keep checking at dell.com, I really love this one!

Bling Bling is Me…
Yup, I love bling bling… SILVER and colorful. This is new collection of Tokido Ki Sanrio that surely to die for.Sanrio-Tokidoki

Quite Super Materialistic
I have HP iPAQ Phone but still I wanted to have iPhone. Why? I just want to experience the iPhone Software… Okiess… It was just one of the reason, but I am more excited on Google Phone actually.
Louis Vuitton
I love tote bag, knapsack bag and designer bag… Before 2010 I must have a Louis Vuitton Tivoli Pm. Well that’s keep me working, my motivation… Lol!
Louis Vuitton

Apple at The Design People

We recently launched my first ever table less website project at The Design People.

The villasttropez.com is a french language website with english version of the RIVIERA ST TROPEZ REAL ESTATE. The flash is database driven, the round corner of the inner pages are fully css based with gradient background. I love working on this project.

The Design People is based in Los Angeles, California, with a branch office in Manila, Philippines. The Design People, Inc. is a web consulting and design firm that serves fresh ideas daily.

Our office here in manila is a great group of over 90 + young, professional and highly dedicated web developers who are simply passionate about what they do. I am belong to HTML/Flash Department whom gives life on the design layout.

Apple iPhone 2 available on July

On July 11, Apple iPhone 2 will be available on Apple Stores. YES… This is iPhone 3G and promising faster networks, secure access to corporate e-mail, precise location-based services, third-party applications and half in price.

The storage increase to 16GB, allowing for additional storage of movies and music. The iPhone 2 software features contact search with live searching, as well as providing extensive language support for the iPhone’s software QWERTY keyboard.
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Apple Mac OS – WordPress Blogging Tools

I really want to have a Mac Book Pro and I recently researching about it. I stumble upon a few plugin to make your wordpress blogging convient and awesome using Apple Products.

The WordPressDash is a blogging tool for your Mac OS X Dashboard. Derived from DashBlog, WordPressDash was built especially for WordPress users and offers category support.

The iWPhone plugin and Theme automatically reformats the blogs content on optimized viewing of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. It detects the iPhone/iPod touch’s User Agent and serves up the content with the special theme only to iPhone and iPod touch visitors, all other browsers will view your WordPress blog with your current theme.
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Apple – DIY Card Invitation

Do you want to create a very personal invitation card that give a good and lasting impression to your special event, such as your wedding, birthday party, your graduation ball or even your tea pot party.

Designing and creating your own special invitations will not only put your own stamp on the event, it can also help you to save quite a bit of money, someone I know started it as business and until now she told me they have a handsome ROI. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
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