August Rush, a great fairy tale.

Call me sentimental this 2007 movie touched my heart and soul. Why in the world I missed this movie!!!

The story is about musicians and how music connects people, so the movie’s score and songs, its give poetic whimsy to an implausible tale.

August Rush the name given to Evan Taylor by Robin Williams whose plays a kind of Manhattan-based Fagin called Wizard. He look like U2 Bono on his Cowboy wardrobe.

When Evan, who has never touched a musical instrument, picks up a guitar for the first time and plays it like a pro. After the boy demonstrates the same talent on a church organ, there is no stopping his meteoric ascent. In six months he is conducting a symphony orchestra performance of his original composition.

I cried on the first part of the movies, wherein, the pregnant Lyla is hit by a car and gives birth prematurely. In the most preposterous of the many ludicrous plot twists in a movie whose continuity is flimsy at best, her father forges her signature on adoption papers, gives the baby away, then tells her it died.

Yes the story ended on Central Park Concert wherein Evan reunited with his mother and father… Lyla Novacek a successful classical cellist and Louis Connelly an Irish rock singer.

There is a lot of music in “August Rush.” But except for a couple of gospel songs, most of it, including August’s “Rhapsody” (composed by Mark Mancina).