The New UMapper

UMapper is a universal mapping platform that makes it a snap to create engaging maps. Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps, and OpenStreet are all supported.

You can now easily create interactive flash maps, display this map to your WordPress, Facebook, Myspace, I Google and more. You can even add UMapper to Your WordPress Blog by installing the UMapper WordPress Plugin.

Also export data to Flash ActionScript 3.0 or KML, yes… its allow syndication of map data using KML . The UMapper WordPress Plugins Provides “save” and “edit” functionality. Provides collaboration tools, map wiki, and social networking features (comments, ratings, etc.) and even add the map to widgets.

Navigation Menu Resources

Now a days, everybody using dropdown, dropline, flyout, toggle and more navigation style menu. Menus come in many different variety and execution, some put together in a number of different ways, some done with javascript, some with ‘pure’ CSS and some a mixture of both. This are the list of My favorite Menu Style.

FreeStyle Menus v1.0 RC11 – FreeStyle Menus is a keyboard accessible menu with added javascript animated fading effects. It used javascript instead of :hover for controlling the submenus means that they are more usable and won’t disappear as easily when moving around the menus. I love this menu style. This menu style can easily to manipulate and cross browser compatible. I even created a sample CSS Template using FSMenu.

The Free Church Website is compose of Pure CSS and FS Menu. By the way I even used pure css round corner on this template.

Deluxe CSS Dropdowns and CSS Flyouts – this free CSS Menu, it used “sticky hovering zones” which ensure that the submenus stay open when moving between different level. This nav works in IE5, IE5.5, IE6, Op7, Gecko, Konqueror, and Safari. IEmac fails to support the hover method used, and so gets the expanded nav instead. IEwin with scripting disables also gets the expanded nav. Nav 4 does not support this method, or much else for that matter.

CSS PLAY MENU – Stu Nicholls has worked on numerous examples of his pure CSS menus. The main advantage of his CSS Menu, there are require no javascript to work in IE<=6 which means that these dropdowns and flyouts menu will always function when javascript is disabled. But the downside, the HTML makes use of IE conditional comments and table tags. The dropdowns are also not keyboard accessible.

Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns – of Patrick Griffiths and Dan Webb. Suckerfish dropdowns are widely used, due in part to their relatively easy implementation. There’s also a fix using an iframe and javascript to get this to work in IE when the dropdowns fall over select elements. But no animation effect and required javascript to enabled.

Listamatic – for Simple CSS List or First level CSS List a good start is the listmatic. They also have a webbase automatic list generator, the List-O-Matic.

Pure CSS Round Corner

Kihbord of CodeStuff.Com come up with HTML draw solution of nifty corner. This pure css round corner used a very simple technique, border and background properties of HTML tags to “draw” the round corners.


I have used this pure css round corner at the recent Free CSS Template – Free Church Website and it was easily applied without any effort. Check out his Round Corner Border without image tutorial.

Free Church Website

Build your church or ministry website with ease and at no cost. This free Church Web Site for Christian churches of any denomination who need a first class web site. Include an inner web-page template so you can create a web pages as many subjects you feel are necessary to help spread the good word and communicate with your congregation.
Highest Praise

Angel Dance of the Forest

I woke this morning before morning light
My head was filled with dreams of fright
As often happens during the night.
But we’re on vacation and what a delight
To walk the trails; to see all the sights.

The inviting forest path beckons “Come”
With its cooling breeze and soft gentle hum.
“Enjoy the glorious daybreak anthem
Listen to the beat of a different drum!”

A touch of chill when I stand real still
The scent of ozone as I climb a hill.
The early birdcalls loud and shrill
Remind me that nature is free goodwill.

The morning sun has yet begun
To reach the treetops high
It climbs through the morning hue
And turns the sky from pink to blue.

by Linda Meikle

Hills Ville

HillsVille are located in Carroll County in the beautiful and majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Golden FLower

Southwestern Virginia is truly a four-season destination with the geography and climate to match every outdoor activity, adventure and sport, whether it’s of the high-adrenaline or laid-back variety. Many outdoor attractions offer hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting and camping. Explore state parks such as Claytor Lake, Fairy Stone, Grayson Highlands and New River Trail. In addition, visitors to Jefferson National Forest can enjoy birding, horseback riding, skiing and more.

Your Guide on the New Flash CS4

Im still using Flash 8 and Im not so familiar on Flash CS3, we are now looking forward on FLASH CS4. This version of flash is the ultimate, much awaited version. This version of the Flash IDE, Flash 10 “diesel”, brand-new a time beam co-ordination – model. Yes modelling like 3d software!

Thank God, this version has 64-bit support, the New ‘object-based’ tween model claimed to be much easier to use, efficient, subtle and very impressive result. You can directly manipulate objects on the Stage without needing to always think about keyframes.

The new tween model tweens a single object on a span. This affords many new possibilities, like swapping out the instances, move the tween around the Timeline easily, apply the tween to multiple objects, saved as a Preset, scale the tween longer or shorter so its slower or faster, and so on.

IK (Inverse Kinematics) Tweens or The Bone Tool

Taking a cue from 3D Animation programs’ character rigging and the After Effect’s Puppet Tool, the new Bones Tool will aid users to create chain-like effects with a series of linked objects or to quickly distort single objects. Assign joints like a human skeleton or pivots and hinges akin to machinery to breathe life into your artwork. Using inverse kinematics, linked items move relative to one another employing natural physics. Adding a further element of interactivity is the Runtime option, which enables users to control and interact with the Bones rigged objects while the content plays in Adobe Flash Player.

Are you excited now? For reference and details about CS4, this are the expert links :

Flashthusiast – This blog specializes in the new motion model of Flash CS4, and is brought to you by team tween of Flash at Adobe. The blog will includes tips, techniques, and info on tweening in Flash using the Timeline and Motion Editor (as well as some stuff about motion runtime with code).

Go and Learn Tutorial Video of CS4 – amazing video FAQ of all recent features of CS4

In case you haven’t heard the news, the Flash CS4 Professional documentation is live on the Adobe website.This is other Search Google Result of Flash CS4 Documentation.

Programming ActionScript 3.0:

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Learning ActionScript 2.0 in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional:

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Adobe AIR 1.1 Quick Starts for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional:

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Developing Adobe Flash Lite 2.x and 3.x Applications:

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Extending Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: