Adam Lambert Nailed It!

The Motown Episode of American Idol Season 8 blew my mind away. All the performance was wonderful though Michael Sarver missed this chance to prove himself again.

The most interesting part was seeing Adam Lambert into a formal suit, clean nails and smooth hairdo. He is the artist, he move the judges expectation on another level. The song sang in clean palseto, The Tracks of My Tears earned an standing ovation on Hollywood.

Smokey Robinson was pleased with each performance, he really enjoyed himself on audience side.

A Witness of Great Miracle

Currently, since the day I have cried to the Lord (after my last operations), I have witnessed everyday miracle. It was the Lord Jesus, rearrange my life and gave me another life. I never imagined to live a life, whom you can witness great miracle of God.

Currently, since the day I have cried to the Lord (after my last operations), I have witnessed everyday miracle.

Yup, some of life changing experiences hurt so much.  I almost gave up my marriage, almost lost my balance at MRT gutter (waahhh) and experienced crying at Makati walk way (waahhh). Now, that all behind in my past.

I have to experienced worst thing to really realize that God is greater than anything that I have in this life.

I witness the goodness of my husband, the caring and support of my two best friend,  along the way I  lost some of good friends but gained a wonderful and a real treasure friendship to some of my current circle.  Experienced the support and love of my mother. Yes I am now living in God grace.

A goof friend of mine told me that I am living in my happy place. But I have found the real happiness when I gave up all things and totally surrender everything to God. Don’t you know that I even surrender my shoe laces to God.

Later I found myself, recognizing each day that God working on my life.

American Idols Round Up

This is for Gerry, he never missed a single episode of Idols. Officially they are top 10 right now.  Well I am excited on the Motown Episode. I got my top five  fav and  rank them this way.

1. Danny Gokey – I love his version of Jesus take a Wheel, Gokey started singing with his family in church but stated he would rather record mainstream music than perform strictly contemporary Christian music.  Videos

2. Anoop Desai — Simone Cow quoted “From zero to Hero”,  I love the guy, I love the voice. For me, I love his version of  Beat It (though Simone think it was disaster).  This DOG  geek from North Carolina was a good youngster  inspirations, the man was working with his master degree. Videos

American Idol Season 8

3. Kris Allen – Allen is a worship leader for New Life Church in Arkansas at both the Conway and Greater Little Rock campuses. Please no more guitar next week, I want to see his cool move, he  is handsome. Videos.

4. Matt Giraud – He sing like Michael Bubble. I’m still in awe of his performance, great looking with his piano. Videos

5.  Adam Lambert — Gorgeous, popular and talented Idol, he quite interesting and unpredictable. Love his very interesting version of Ring of Fire…  Videos

6. Scott MacIntyre — this visually-impaired performer, singer, songwriter, and pianist was a real inspiration, we need to support him. Videos

7. Allison Iraheta — This 16 years old youngster with her powerful voice, she is wonderful. But I’m still waiting for her to deliver a truly memorable performance. Videos

8.  Megan Corkrey — A single mom, the beautiful, is she over the flu this week? Love her version of Walkin’ After Midnight, cute and fun. Videos

9. Michael Sarver —  is an oil rig worker from Jasper, Texas.  He’s fun, got a voice but I don’t believe he can make it further.  Videos.

10. Lil Rounds — For me, she is not an Idol materials, oooppps, sorry!  Videos