Web Directory for WordPress

My husband spent 10 hours each day working on this web directory for WordPress and he is so excited to release it. Here are some of feature of his Web Directory Plugin for WordPress .
-Add/Edit/Delete directory entries using the current bookmark management functions existing in WordPress
-Easy setup of a main Web directory page by just using a single WordPress shortcode in a page you create in WordPress
-Easy integration into WordPress themes by detecting and using defined theme stylesheets
-Use of pretty permalinks in the Web directory structure to provide better search engine indexing and optimization
-Automatic creation of search engine friendly titles and description meta tags when web directory categories are accessed

Some of the planned features for the Web directory plugin are:
-Support for sub-categories – although the current WordPress core tables already support the creation of parent-child sub category relationships, there are no core functions for doing this.
-Backup / restore of categories/bookmarks – I’m also thinking of creating a Firefox plugin to be able to sync my bookmarks.
-Bookmark submission – to be able to allow your blog reader to submit url’s for inclusion into the web directory
-Some WordPress shortcodes to handle automatic link formatting in posts and other pages

Which reminded me, that he also spent the same huge amount of time developing the Joomla Map interphase and Classified Ads of Ortigas.com, you can find some of his projects here.

Well my trick to lured him out of computer… Heroes, House MD, Movie and knic knacks (potato chips, chocolates, etc.) ! I been successful for a while but then again after the movie he will go back again to his mistress (that his laptop). Mannnnn…. gosh!

Michael Jackson – Thrilled Us with his Thriller

This are thing that I remembered about the King of Pop, the thrilled of dancing his 1982 Greatest Hit Thriller.

I was 9 years old and pretty much leaner, I remembered begging to be part of school dance number of my class, yup… confession, I got 2 right feet. But it was about the wearing of the mask, black shirt outfit and really love the beat of Thriller. Then I saw the “13 going on 30” of Jennifer Garner, it brings me back to my 9 years old dance step. It was nice and funky…

I also remembered my everyday outfit the towering twist hairstyle, tight jeans on wash day, the big socks and my old high cut Nike.

Young Michaeil

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson


The Pepsi commercial “The Choice of New Generation” and “We Are the World”  wherein Michael co-writing this charity single with Lionel Richie and enlisting a who’s who of celebrity friends to join him in song, raising money and awareness for poverty in Africa.

Now the King of Pop gone, he will always be remained in my youthful memories. Shall his family keep the Neverland Ranch. Shall his children continue his legacy. Shall people forgive him… I hope so. After all, he is Bad but somehow he Heal the World.

As for me, I will continue playing my favorite list of his  song …

Thriller, Beat It, Bad, Dangerous, Billie Jeans, Ben, One Day in Your Life, The Girl is Mine, The Way You make Me Feel, I Just Cant Stop Loving You, Heal the World and Black or White.

Young Michael Jackson

From his official website,Michael Jackson, one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all-time, leaves an indelible imprint on popular music and culture. “

Applebyte Quick Reference Sheet

List of my favorite Quick and Customizable Reference Sheet of  Flash, Web 2.0 Application and More!

ActionScript Reference Sheet

ActionScript 2.0 Cheatsheet

ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 Migration Cheatsheets, (Multi-Page PDF)

ActionScript 3.0: Top Level Cheatsheets, (Multi-Page PDF)

ActionScript 3.0: flash.display Package Cheatsheet

ActionScript 3.0: Packages Cheatsheet

ActionScript 2.0 Cheatsheet



AS3 and Flex API Posters

ActionScript 3 API PDF at Flex.org

Flex 2 Framework API PDF at Flex.org

Ajax Reference Sheet

What’s Ajax? Cheat Sheet – PDF

Prototype Dissected – Cheat Sheet PNG

scriptaculous Combination Effects – Cheat Sheet – PDF





After Effects



Apache Reference Sheet

Apache Cheat Sheet

htaccess Cheatsheet

mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet – PNG

mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet – PDF

CSS Reference Sheet

CSS 2 – Quick Reference Guide – PDF

CSS Cheat Sheet – PDF

CSS Cheat Sheet – PNG

CSS Property Index

Cascading Style Cheatsheet

CSS Shorthand Guide

HTML/XHTML Reference Sheet

A Simple Guide To HTML – Cheat Sheet

HTML & XHTML Tag Quick Reference

HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML Entities



HTML Cheat Sheet

XHTML Cheat Sheet v. 1.03 – PDF

JavaScript Reference Sheet

JavaScript Cheat Sheet – PNG

JavaScript Cheat Sheet – PDF

JavaScript Reference

JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference

Regular Expressions for JavaSript – free online quick reference

Joomla Reference Sheet

Joomla 1.5 Sheet Code

Joomla CSS Sheet Guid

MySQL Reference Sheet

MySQL Cheat Sheet

MySQL Cheat Sheet – PDF

MySQL Cheat Sheet – PNG

SQL Cheatsheet

PHP Reference Sheet

symfony PHP5 framework – Admin Generator cheat sheet – PDF

PHP Cheat Sheet – PDF

PHP Cheat Sheet – PNG

PHP Cheat Sheet with special php syntax

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet – PNG

WordPress Reference Sheet


WordPress Help Sheet

SEO WordPress Help Sheet

Web Design WordPress Template Tag Reference Guide

Template Guide on WordPress

SEO Cheat Sheet

Note: Some of the list courtesy by SmashingMagazine.com

Simply live for You

Yesterday, I was moved by the song “Simply live for You” and it really touch my heart. I realized that on each passing day without God grace I am nothing. Things happened or might happen but with God on our side whom will stand against us.

The peace that I felt today, was the result of my words of whisper with Him in the morning. I remember the story of the bird that still singing beautifully in middle of storm. It was the same peace that in my heart today. Words are not enough to express my great appreciation to the Almighty whom given me abundance of blessing.

I Simply Live for You

Words and Music by Russell Fragar
Album: For This Cause
Track: I Simply Live for You

Say the word and I will sing for You.
Over oceans deep I will follow.
If each star was a song
And every breath of wind praise.

It would still fail by far
To say all my heart contains.
I simply live,
I simply live for You.

As the glory of Your presence
Now fills this place.
In worship we will meet You
Face to face.

There is nothing in this world
To which You can be compared,
Glory of glory,
Praise upon praise.

You bind the broken-hearted.
And save all my tears.
By Your word You set the captive free.
There is nothing in this world
That You cannot do.
I simply live,
I simply live for You.

Twilight Saga – New Moon (The Movie)

After the successful book series of Stephanie Meyer Twilight Saga, the Twilight sequel New Moon will be shown this coming November 2009.


Someone shared to me a photo of Edward and Bella scene at Montepulciano, Italy. I also seen the trailer and it was real amazing. Officialy New Moon was set at Vancouver.


While Twilight Movie nominated at 7 categories of 2009 MTV Movie Award and the Twilight Fans vote the movie as Best Fight Award and Kristen Stewart also scored the Best Female Performace Award. She almost drops the award on her speech. Hahahhaaa!

Again enjoy the trailer of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Snippet: “Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and finds her loyalties tested “

An Invisible Thread – Heroes Last Episode

Tim Kring is truly a genius, we just watch the last the twenty-fifth and final episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and fifty-ninth episode overall. It was aired last April 27 at NBC.

Remember… “I Am Sylar” episode. I love the idea of Sylar shape-shifting abilities and beginning to have identity crisis.

But the fight against Sylar, an awesome twist and a death. The idea of the unconscious Sylar, alter mentally by Matt was truly awesome. Noah knows that Sylar’s acquired ability of reading the history of objects enabling him to fill in the gaps of Nathan’s life, and fully embody Nathan’s personality and gain his memories.

While Sylar, the new ‘Nathan’ confirms the President has indeed shut down Building 26, and the funds transferred so that Angela and Noah can start up their own company which Noah favorably wants to call “The Company”.

It was also sooooo exciting, thanks to NBC they include the Prologue of Volume 5. Woowwwweeee!

Virus and Bacteria Hits Manila

Recently Dela Salle closed for their classes from June 4 to 14 because one of its foreign exchange students tested positive for swine flu, or the influenza A(H1N1) virus. While Ateneo also closed their classes and resume on 22th of June. It was confirmed last Tuesday that H1N1 bringing the total numbered of cases to 57.

Its not just the swine flu that hitting Manila even there report of gastroenteritis outbreaks in Cebu and Manila. I been hospitalized last week because of gastro. We have to do something about it.

Well, it’s all about cleanliness.

Our most instinctive reaction when we cough or sneeze is to cover our mouth and nose with our bare hands. But, say health authorities, this only increases the spread of germs since hands, if left unwashed or sanitized after, could very easily transfer the microbes.

Washing one’s hands frequently, or using alcohol hand cleansers, are also practices we can adopt to prevents viruses and bacteria.

Drink Distilled Drinking Water and if necessary if you need to brush your teeth, use the same thing, just to be safe.

If you already have flu avoided greeted a friend with the usual beso-beso, touching cheeks and puckering our lips in air kisses.

WordPress Auto Correct and Mobile Plugin

Wowee… Finally, Gerry released his auto correct and his famous Mobile plugin for WordPress.

The Auto Correct is a simple plugin that lets you correct all occurrences of “wordpress” in your posts and pages with the proper “WordPress” spelling which is with a capital “W” and capital “P” … Download Here

And his famous Mobile plugin that detect whether a visitor on your web site is using a web browser on a mobile device. Download Here

The New iPhone 3GS

FYI iPhone 3Gs available at $199 and the iPhone at $99. While, after the Apple’s WorldWide Developer’s Conference, Ed Baig discussed the event and the woweee of the iPhone 3GS


“Finally — we get to the iPhone!  There are now more than 50,000 Apps in the App Store, Apple says.  The free iPhone Software Developer Kit has been downloaded a million times.

iPhone sofware 3.0 is a major update that comes with more than 100 new features.  One of them is cut, copy and paste — about time!  It will work with all apps.

MMS will allow iPhone owners to send and receive photos, contacts, audio files and more in real-time over a cellphone network, using the same application that supports text messaging.  Carrier support is needed, and AT&T (the iPhone’s only carrier in the U.S.) will not add it until this summer.

You can search contacts, calendar notes, and email.  (The new Palm Pre, an iPhone rival, does not currently have email search.)

An iTunes update allows you to rent and purchase movies, TV shows, and audiobooks from your phone.

Lest Junior use that feature to see something he shouldn’t, new parental controls can restrict iPhone viewing to only age-appropriate programs.

A new tethering feature has the potential to be a big deal.  If no Wi-Fi is around, you can share the iPhone’s Internet connection with a nearby PC. It works with wired USB or Bluetooth.  It also requires carrier support — and it looks like AT&T wasn’t on the list of companies offering it.

An “Erase all data” command allows you to remove all your private information if your iPhone is lost or stolen.  If you find it again, you can get your information back by syncing it with iTunes.  Nice.

Peer–to-peer support lets you play games with nearby iPhone owners.  You connect via Bluetooth.

Some new tools for developers will make it easier for them to build add-on hardware devices, and software that uses Google Maps.” — Ed Baig on Liveblogging