Harry’s 3D exceeds my expectations

The dark smoke, the flying Death Eaters, the dark alleys, the city of London takes my breath away. Yup the movie is dark, but it creates a mood of deeper emotions. The movie’s opening sequence, approximately 12 minutes, has been converted to IMAX 3D format was real fantastic.

The trio interactions and they are amazing in their roles that pull them off well together. Definitely Half-Blood Prince is also very funny, Ron will have you laughing a lot. Seriously, I don’t feel much of love in the air but rather I felt the deepest emotions of Draco, the struggle of being young and corrupted by the adults and system of Death Eaters. Bravo David Yates for motivating these young actors and actresses, they become more matured. And Bellatrix and Snape performance was equally brilliant.


I love the screen writer idea of Harry transformations to adolescence. I admit, the late at night in a cafe of the London Underground, while reading a copy of the Daily Prophet and the flirting of the waitress is a perfect idea. And perhaps Ron is a lucky man, with lots of snogging while Harry with quiet innocent one with Ginny.

Frustration… Well, the retrieving of necklace of Harry and Dumbledore in the lake somehow was shortened. I hope they have extended version on the DVD. Also, I was hoping they will include the Memorial Scene of Dumbledore with the crying of Fawkes lamentation, giving respect of the mermaid and the gathering of powerful witches and wizard. The fight scene of Harry’s friends with the Death Eaters was not included in the movie. Well, the fire in the Burrow… I hope the Burrow was only damaged because after the death a wedding will come.

Web Directory WordPress plugin

Finally, you can download the Web Directory WordPress plugin of Gerry. Come to think of it… He never told me it was already available.

From Gerry Snippet
“Create a web directory for your WordPress blog using the bookmarks stored in your WordPress web site. Maintain the bookmarks using the same WordPress Link manager built-in feature. You can use your own stylesheet to blend it into your blog. Just create a WordPress page and use short codes to incorporate the web directory. Or create a template page and use the theme API’s to create a customized web directory page.”

You can now download it from from its WordPress.org page

If you have questions on using the Web Directory WordPress plugin, just use the Code Stuff contact page or post a comment at the Web Directory WordPress plugin project page.

Rest In Peace IE6

I joining the campaign of RIPIE6 the obituary notice of Internet Explorer 6’s death.

As quoted “We, developers, know that Internet Explorer 6 was born dead. But there are people out there who don’t realize that. And we, my friends, beg to inform those deluded men that IE6 has passed out. They probably think they don’t need to know that. However, we as web developers of 21st century DO NEED THEM TO KNOW THAT.”

Yes please join us and be part of our petition.

Are you ready at html5?

I am excited about html5 coding… I’m planning to convert the next template of AppleByte in html5. I am ready to say good at the xhtml but not yet… Some browser still hanging on xhtml but sooner we will welcome html5.

If you want to explore html5 this are some of the beginners knowledge link

A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML – http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/
A New elements in HTML 5 – http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/x-html5/
HTML5 Demos – http://html5demos.com/
html5doctor – http://html5doctor.com/
html5Gallery – http://html5gallery.com/
html5 Quick Reference – http://media1.smashingmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/images/html5-cheat-sheet/html5-cheat-sheet.pdf
HTML5 Shiv – http://ejohn.org/blog/html5-shiv/
HTML5 enabling script – http://remysharp.com/2009/01/07/html5-enabling-script/
Standards.Next HTML5
– http://standards-next.org/

Online Website Builders

Hosting company takes us to another one stop shopping marketing campaign, due to hosting storage prices going down radically. Each of them created an online website builder application.

Of course, they are claiming just for 30 minutes or so, you can easily build your own website. You can choose on gallery of template, pre made css template, flash slideshow, full flash website and more.

This are some of online website builders application.


Wix is an online application for creating and publishing Free Flash Websites and embeddable flash objects with audio, video, images and text. A Wix can be published anywhere on the Web, as a standalone Website, in a Blog, as MySpace comments, MySpace layouts extensions or on other Social Networks. With Wix, non-programmers can push the envelope of their self expression.


Weebly is a San Francisco, California based company that was founded in 2006 with the mission to help people put their information online quickly and easily. 2 million people already enable their easily created personal sites and blogs or establish web presences for businesses, weddings, classrooms, churches, artistic portfolios, and more.


With Webs, it’s easy to build a site that’s as unique as you. It’s the place to inform the world about your business, passions or hobbies and engage others to share their unique ideas, information, photos and videos. With features like blogs, web stores, member profiles and even group publishing, anyone can bring a site to life on Webs.com.


Yola claimed that their website builder can easily take what’s in your head and turn it into webpages in front of your eyes. Yola make great-looking sites with webpages that work beautifully together.