Aling Dionisia

Aling DionisiaWhat can I say about her? She’s a star! Yes Pacman (Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao) mother charmed everyone with her witty and very real presence.

Neil posted the katursi photo in his website,  it was sure hit and make my day.

I think Aling Dionisia still awe with the fame she’s having now. She enjoys every flash of the cameras more than anything. Well, i will overwhelmed also if media camera’s taking my everyday activities . We can’t blame her. All her life, she wasn’t able to experience this kind of life. Above all she had Manny as her son.

From being labandera, her activities now a day, busy with her photo shoot, commercial, tv guesting, interviews and attending social events, awards etc. Yes, she is a true example of rug to richness but still she has kind heart and a true person.

Wowowee host impressed with the reception Aling Dionisia received in her visit at show, Revillame invited her to co-host the show, to which Aling Dionisia could only reply, again, with a showbiz smile.

While ABS-CBN mainstay who is seemingly awed by Aling Dionisia is Boy Abunda.

Upon seeing how she won over the crowd in “Wowowee,” Boy urged her on air to “sign up” with him as a “talent.”

“Aling Dionisia, you’re an original. Kung kailangan mo ng manager, tawagan mo lang ako,” Boy said.

People make fun of her. But she doesn’t care. She like the attention and loved by the crowd.

First In, First Out

groceryTwo things that we usually buy in our lives…. the HARD GOODS and CONSUMABLE.

Hard goods are things we buy to keep them and used them in long period of time. While consumable are those we used-up and need replenishing.

All of us have a tendecy to overstock our consumable, such as, paper toilets, soap, condiments, toothpaste and more. We are quilty to buy more than what we needed.  Sometimes we keep buying this consumable to extend an ample space to store them.

The Unclutterer group have  a good advice on how to eliminate this hobby of crowding our consumable.

“To avoid these perils, evaluate your consumable inventory regularly. This means keeping on top of three primary areas: the refrigerator, the pantry and your toiletries stash.

  1. Clean out the refrigerator weekly, preferably the night before trash goes out to the curb.
  2. Keep informed about what’s in your pantry and don’t buy things you already have. Sort through everything in your pantry at least twice a year.
  3. Except for toilet paper and possibly bar soap, only keep a few extra toiletries on hand at any given time. Toiletry goods expire quickly (especially makeup), so buy them only when you need them. “