Apple Magic Mouse

Another gesture technology from Mac, the Apple Magic Mouse. Some of review told us, this Apple breakthrough, the hands-on, a wireless mouse has one piece of clear white plastic on the top, curved, like a soap bar. Very sexy and pretty… And yes it has both right and left clicks, like the any other usual pc mouse, but differentiates itself from other mice with its touch-sensitive scrolling and two-fingered gestures.


Well the new Apple Magic Mouse used laser sensor not as advanced as Darkfield and BlueTrack of their competitor. Absolutely it will doesn’t work with Windows PCs. Some claimed that they felt awkward and unnatural sliding their middle and index fingers across the flat surface of the shell to navigate through several Web pages. Even worse, if you don’t have a uniform grip on the sides of the mouse with your thumb, ring, and pinky fingers, the shell can easily get away from your hand–this is why a touch surface with no hard buttons just doesn’t make sense on a mouse.

Well, they will improve it. I just wish instead of magic mouse, i preferred the magic touch screen for desktop monitor 🙂

Six Sensible Thoughts of Three things in Life

I wake up this afternoon and inspired by mommy Susan forwarded email. Six sensible facts of life that when we think about it, we know this facts revolve around us.

I. Three things that never come back

II. Three things that can destroy a person

III. Three things that should never lose

IV. Three things that most valuable
Family & Friends

V. Three things that are never certain

VI. Three things that make a person

Parma 101 – Typhoon Pepeng

As of today Oct 2, 4:00 PM today, the eye of TY “PEPENG” was located based on satellite and surface data at 440 km East of Borongan, Northern Samar (12.5 ° N, 129.1 °E) with a maximum sustained winds of 195 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 230 kph. While as of 5:26pm we experiencing moderate rain.

In Case Emergency What to do:

a. Observe the Characteristic of flood damage
Since the roads are paved with asphalt, huge amount of rainwater can flow into the sewers at once, so drain system cannot work. Eventually rainwater comes out from manholes or side ditches.

Flooding can result in great damage to the underground and underground service areas. When you are in the underground, you should pay attention to rainfall and time span of raining. Speed of running water is so fast that it will be difficult to evacuate up to the ground. If you expect a flood, evacuate as quickly as possible.

b. At Home
Pay attention on weather forecast on radio and tv. Prepared the following: charge your cellphone, your emergency lights, ipod and cook warm soup.

c. Outside
Due to heavy rain, headwater may be swelled quickly. Do not get close to the river, etc. When you are driving if the roads are flooded, evacuate to higher ground. On the walking evacuate immediately up to higher ground over third floor in the building.

House of Night

I just finished reading the House of Night, yes this is another vampire story. Personally I don’t recommend it to 13 years old below or pre-teen individual. House of Night deeper version of Twilight, it’s all about girl power. While Bella doting on Edward and thinking about him 24 hours a day, you’ll be learned that Zoey Redbird is quite the opposite with her three boyfriend(s) and her mixed gender group of friends.

P.C. and Kristin Cast unique and very creative story telling intrigued me. In the House of Night world where vampires and humans live together, acknowledge each other. But still fear each others presence.

The Marked, wherein Zoey Redbird is the heroine enter the vampire world. While she was worrying about her ex-boyfriend’s drinking and her upcoming Geometry exams, a Vampyre Tracker “marks” her and it change her life forever. Yes the story setting again on the boarding school (like Harry Potter) but the story goes around with her hilarious group of friends/sidekicks, and a healthy dose of action. She became an apprentice of Neferet, a high-priestess of Nix and lead the Dark Daughters Club where the major highlights of story evolves.

Again, I don’t recommend this series of books to pre-teens, sensitive issues such as, sexuality, traditions and belief was highly creative (in such a way it goes against every religious norms).