Stanza revolutionize my reading habit

Stanza is an eBook reader and is a free application of iTouch and iPhone Apple.  I been using it,  since the day Gerry’s bought my iTouch.

Well, before I been reading my fav eBook through my HP Windows Mobile sad to say I’ve been limited to .lit file only. Amazingly Stanza makes my reading more entertaining and easy. Now I can enjoyed reading text file extensions such as pdf, html, lit, txt.  While, Stanza Desktop contains built-in reading support for DRM-free Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, Microsoft LIT, and PalmDoc, as well as Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, HTML, and PDF. Stanza iPhone / iPod Touch supports eReader with or without DRM and ePub without DRM. More details can be found on Stanza’s Supported Formats page.

Aside from the page flip animation and the bookmark which I really enjoyed featured,  I also love the xingxang background, the font selector, the cover flow,  the search and organize function, the share local and read global and much much more on the online catalog.

Grab your Stanza now and enjoy your iPhone reading!

Anne Curtis distress

It was started on March 21, 2010 when poor Filipino-Australian VJ and television host Anne Marie Ojales Curtis-Smith accidentally revealed her frontal private part. The exposure of her private part caused lot of mental distress to the actress and she expressed her views about the incident in a recent media interview too.

Various spectators took advantage used their cell phone cams or web cams and made videos of the entire embarrassing incident and few of them were posted online too.

The girl suffered much from the scandal wildfire, it was not her fault the bikini decided to slip and she’s begging the public please, so…  REMOVE IT ON YOUR WALL PAPER and STOP POSTING IT ON ANY OF SOCIAL NETWORK ACCOUNT.

Ms. Anne Curtis don’t worry, its happened, even with Katherine Heigl has Wardrobe Malfunction Video and Picture.