The magic of get url

Yup, to combined flash to Jquery used the get url..

1. On Flash



import flash.external.ExternalInterface;"applebyte");

2. On CSS

.applenav {

2. On Jquery

function applebyte()
$('.applenav').fadeTo('slow', 0.1, function() {
$(".applenav").animate({"margin-top": "215px"}, 1000).fadeTo('slow', 1);
// Animation complete.
$(document).ready(function() {

Happy Father’s Day

This father’s day, I never been so lonely and wishing my father was here. Maybe he will console me and always he will said “Apple andyan na ko.

I am lucky to have a father like him, I remember his long hour of waiting at school yard. Or the baon that he will prepared in my school. He will be the one, do the dishes or any of my chores when I felt sick or something else. He died when I was 11 years old. But I never felt so much missing him until today.

My father was my figure of a great man. I saw how much patience he was in my mothers ranting. I saw how much he love my mother. He never failed to kiss my mother when he leave homes. He never failed to provide for us, financial needs, spiritual and emotional. He never left us neither hurt my mother feelings. He was kind enough and generous to my mother extended family. He was been a father not only for me but to my cousin whom somehow lost their father or their father missing in their lives. I missed my father so much. I was wishing to hear the words “Apple andyan na ko.” Then maybe i will be alright.

But life goes on. I was wishing I could have a simple yet happy family that my sister and brother had. But then again my life goes on. Until the Lord come, I don’t know what will happen to my life. Then again my life goes on and on.

Happy Father’s Day!

Applebyte Preloader AS3

1. Create your movieclip and textfield. For this recipe, you’ll need a simple rectangle, and a dynamic textfield

b. lpc (Dynamic Txt) – make sure this is embed to character range
c. loadBar (desire length)

import flash.display.*;

this.loaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, appleLoader);

function appleLoader(event:ProgressEvent):void {
var pcent:Number=event.bytesLoaded/event.bytesTotal*100;

Apple Flash AS2 Preloader

How to make simple preloader?

Preloader are the simplest to design but hardest in script. There are so many different ways to build a preloader in Flash and each variation has it’s advantage and specialist use. This is the most simple of all.

1. Create a movie clip with instance name preloader with the ff:
a. Loading (static)
b. Percent (Dynamic) – make sure this is embed to character range
c. Bar (tween to desire length)

2. Select the movie clip the copy this code

onClipEvent (load) {
total = _root.getBytesTotal();
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
loaded = _root.getBytesLoaded();
percent = int(loaded/total*100);
perc1 = ""+percent+"%";
if (loaded == total) {

More on Senocular

McDo Playland – Applebyte says “I’m lovin it”

A recent commercial of Mc Donald featuring a three stories high Adults Playland, taking up the space in front of the Customs House at Sydney’s Circular Quay.

One Monday it suddenly appeared, the biggest McDonald’s Playland ever constructed while it suited to clad adults broke their Monday routine with a little time spent on the giant slides. Plus play around on a three meter tall Officer Big Mac, slide, swing and more.

Apple love jQuery slideshow

I been using jQuery often now a days. jQuery slideshow advantage in SEO, compatible with more browsers than Flash including iPhone, cell phones, PS3 and PSP, these are some of the few reason on increasing demand using this framework. Below are some of my favorite.

a. mb.maskedGallery.doc
A slide show if you are have Custom frame for your images. You overlap any png file and it masked the gallery.

b. mb.mediaEmbedder
Easy was to put youtube, vimeo, flickr, livestream, ustream on your website

c.simple Jquery Image Slide show
A very simple fade in, fade out slide show with tagline

A sliding images gallery with pagination.

c. Jquery Cycle
A series of slideshow for simple code to advance Jquery Code.

d. Galleria Demo 01
This gallery was created from a simple unordered list with images – thumbnails and functionality is all in the Galleria plugin

e. Interface
Auto slide with preloader and ordered list images

f. CrossSlide
Overlapping images slideshow

g. Jquery Showcase
Showcasing Unordered list of image.

Applebyte excited about Microsoft Kinect

On the eve Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Microsoft entertained game enthusiast by unveiling the Project Natal that officially called Microsoft Kinect. It will be available on November and it was been forecast ranging from $130 to $200++.

This newest motion controlled game gadget features Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Joy Ride.

Source : engadget

* Almost everything was one person at a time, particularly in the Kinect Sports games. Even a game like beach volleyball or soccer was boiled down to individual “moments” of interaction that get strung together into some sort of competition. Even the running in place games were one at a time, though the river rafting and mining cart games (both with a similar mechanic of jumping and ducking through an obstacle course while picking up tokens) could be played with two people at a time. You can at least play games like volleyball simultaneously with someone else over Xbox Live.
* An interesting mechanic we saw was a second player “jumping in” to a game. In the mining cart scenario, when the second player jumped in it immediately went split screen, while in soccer different players took turns by just jumping into position. Sure, some of this stuff was edited for our benefit, but it seems Microsoft is working to make the introduction of a second player or the switching between players something less button-heavy.
* The Star Wars game was pretty badass-looking — you play a Jedi, rushing down stormtroopers and deflecting laser bolts left and right, wielding a few Force powers, and confronting a certain deep-voiced Sith Lord for a one-on-one duel. Based on the gestures and action we saw, though, it was a pretty heavily scripted experience. Still, there’s no scripting a two-handed light saber grip, and that particular action looked like everything we’ve ever wanted in a Star Wars game.
* The yoga game is actually a pretty smart use of the infrared and joint detection software we espied previously. Positions were “checked” by points on the joint — making it certainly harder to fake the moves on Wii Fit — and it seemed to have a tai chi element to it. Your avatar glowed a more intense red based on your three-dimensional approximation — bright red for hands stretched forward, for example.
* Next up: Kinectimals, a baby tiger pet simulator. You can scratch its ears, snuggle, and teach the little guy to jump and play dead. Adorable? Dangerously so. No one can tell us the developer, but based on the lighting effects, art style, and similarities to the previously-shown Milo, we’d wager a guess that it was Lionhead Studios.
* The Kinect menu interface is about as simple as could be. You wave your hand to control a glowing cursor of sorts, and you push forward to “click” on the element you want. Of course, there’s also a very simplified version of the Dashboard to go along with this control mechanism, so it’s unclear if you’ll be able to do everything via subtle hand waves, but the Twitter, Facebook, Zune and Netflix icons were clearly present.
* The MTV Games-developed Dance Central has some on staff divided — only Ross will actually admit to being interested in playing it. A series of dance moves are presented, including elbow jabs, swinging leg, guitar, “rocking out” (with your hand in the air). The art style is akin to Rock Band / Guitar Hero, and to be fair, this is probably one of those games that can’t be done as well on any other console.

New Applebyte, new me!

Today I decided to change everything, a more dynamic Applebyte, a new friendly me. I’m so hurt, God allowed thing to happened in my life. One thing I realized that God the only one being whom never betrayed me nor forsaken me. He will be the source of this change. He will be my inspiration and companion on this phase of my life.

I was been bitter that my life seem a picture of depression, sickness and loneliness, but thing will change. One step a time, a step with God and the Christ whom empty me. Yes, I felt empty and I am scare. But one thing for sure, I will never be alone again. No more agonizing heart ache that will take my breath away. No more tears of being alone. No more walking in edge. No more jumping in deep sorrow. No more second thought of my existence. No more pain of rejection. No more fragile and deep depression.

I remember, God called you by names and now He calling me. He need me in His kingdom. He need me to be part of his major plan. I will take charge and lead. One miracle each day, one step of faith every moment, one change at the time.

Still I have one hope, a family that take a leap of faith in God, a family that serving God.

Everyday Miracle

Things happened this week. I am walking in a thin air. Just one day, I felt it about time to patch up, amend, say all my sorry… I really thank God, cause the person whom has a longest time of adversary towards me, sent a beautiful email of forgiveness.

I am on the lowest point of my life. I just want to give up, but tonight I just pray and ask God for a miracle. A very special person finally reveals himself. I hope I can go back in time and do thing differently. Everyday I experienced a miracle, little things that if I pray God answered me.

Pastor Rick Warren today tweet was very timely.

The more I know MY OWN sinfulness,the less inclined I am to disparage OTHERS” He who’s been forgiven much loves much”.  – Rick Warren

Came from this passage “I tell you, her sins – and they are many – have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love“. Luke 7:47

To all people that somehow  I got hurt or I make you cry. Please forgive me.

Applebyte support a prayer for Guatamela

A tropical storm called Agatha, the floods killed hundred of people and cause giant sinkhole (crate) in Guatemala City. In the Chimaltenango Province, west of Guatemala City, landslides buried dozens of communities, leaving at least 60 dead. While the storm that hit last Saturday, just two days after the Pacaya volcano, about 20 miles south of Guatemala City, erupted, causing the international airport to shut down.

Just come to think of it throughout the history Guatemala has been controlled by plantation owners making a healthy profit and then by military dictators hungry for power.

Let’s pray for Guatemala as it deals with Agatha and also the effects of the Pacaya volcano, which erupted Thursday night.

“God, we ask for your blessing of peace and protection for the people of Guatemala as they deal with the impact of two natural disasters. Stand with those who have suffered the impact of the storm. Give them strength and health. Comfort those who have lost loved ones and those who have lost homes. Stand too with those who have endured the violence of the volcano. Protect them from further harm. Bless and give wisdom to officials who are helping in these emergencies. You do not cause these catastrophes, but you can always make something beneficial out of the pain. God, bless Guatemala. In Jesus name…” Source:

Guatamela giant sinkhole crate