What is Agile Project Management?

Agile is very flexible and adaptive project management approach, the key to Agile success is relying on constant feedback from stakeholders and teams in order to steer a project towards a desired goal.

Agile’s biggest strength is its flexibility and preference towards constant, timely feedback. The project is divided into many smaller iterations, each of which can last as short as two weeks. This strength is also the biggest failure of Agile Team Members, developers tend to forget to makes comments on each task line. Remember the effectiveness of Agile is constant communication, a good Scrum Master or Task Master will follow up every details of information in each task entry, smallest or biggest details can contribute to success of the Project and up to the continuous integration of the project life cycle.

As a project develops, Agile practitioners request and collect reviews, suggestions, and feedback on the latest iteration and how the next one can build upon it. These in-progress “course corrections” help teams achieve project goals with less backtracking.