AppleByte Me

Apple Ilagan as web designer and front-end developer

Apple Ilagan is AppleByte – who decided to become a Designer and Web Developer in 1999.

Understanding the growing demand of Internet Marketing has expanded the virtual marketplace where advertising traffic is expected to update regularly. Marketing and advertising mediums have evolved into automated systems which enable companies to achieve exposure with paperless effort and yet still reaching out the whole world.

I have recognized this situation and it opened the door of opportunities for me to utilize my passion for Technology and creativity combined — Web and Graphic Designing.

I also recognized that it paved way for others to have the opportunity to avail of world class quality and economical Website Designs and Website Development.

One of my dream was to build my own Open Source Content Management System (similar to Mambo, WordPress and Drupal). It has become a by-word on the Web: if you want people to return to your site again and again, you must keep the content fresh and up-to-date.

After 16++ years of being a designer and front-end developer, I been avid supporter of WordPress, before I created free psd, wordpress template and table less template which I will uploaded to my github.

After All This Year Applebyte still thirst for knowledge

I’m still honing my web designer, ui/ux designer, html, jquery, flash and php programming skills. Since I started learning web authoring thru self-education, reading news articles in Smashing Magazine, Engadget, Gigacom, TechCrunch, Tuts+ and others. While feeding my artistic flare in Bored Panda, Mashable, ZergNet and others. I also love reading Thought Catalog, Nerdist, GeekareSexy, SideProject and etc.

I would like to give the credit to my husband who has never failed to push my limits to it’s fullest, supporting me financially and emotionally.

Having privilege to work different IT Companies (Trapik Media, The Design People, IT Works and Cambria, my recent home) of energetic, motivated and wonderful webby peoples gives you a sense of fullfilment. Thanks to THEM.