The Apple Game

Meaning of the Apple

On October 31st the Romans had a huge celebration to honor Pomona, the goddess of fruit. They did this to thank her for the harvest. People played games, ran races and enjoyed a big feast. Theyoffered her apples and nuts. Ever since apples have been a big part of Halloween.

Swinging Apple game
Tie an apple to a piece of string hang it on a doorway or the ceiling.Hold your hands behind your back and try to take a bite at the swinging fruit.

Apple eating race
Two players kneel down in front of a chair. An apple is placed on each chair. Each player has their hands behind their backs. On the word”Go!” each player races to see who can finish the apple first. If theapple falls, the player is out of the game.

A Seedy Game
Give each player an apple cut in half. The object is to count the number of seeds in an apple, the number of seeds in the apple revealed something about the person’s future. Two seeds meant an early marriage;three, an inheritance; four, great wealth; five, a trip across the ocean; and six fame. Seven was the best of all as this meant that allthe person’s wishes would come true.

Paring Up
Pare a green apple in one long, winding piece. Swing the paring over your head three times singing:
Paring, paring, long and green,
Tell my fate for Halloween.
Then drop the paring behind you. When it forms the shape of a letter, thatletter is believed to be the first initial of the person you will marry.

Apple Bobbing
Fill a large tub or pail with water. Drop in several apples. Kneel orstand by the side of the tub or pail with your hands behind your back.Take a deep breath and open your mouth wide. Now comes the bobbing. Tryto grab the apple with your teeth. Sometimes a coin was placed in eachapple as a prize.

Another game or ceremony was, the person brushes orcombs his or her hair in front of a mirror at midnight, while eating anapple (usually green was the apple used in all Halloween games). Soonan image of the persons future husband or wife would appear in themirror.