The Apple of One’s Eye

(N. V. S. Kaushik, Hyderabad)
When you say something is the apple of your eye what you areimplying is that the object is a prized possession; it’s an object thatyou look after with a great deal of devotion. Similarly, when the appleof your eye happens to be a person, then he/she is a person whom youlike very much. Here are a few examples.

Anita is the apple of her father’s eye. Don’t say anything nasty about that painting. It’s the apple of Seema’s eye.

The idiom has been around for several hundredyears. The “apple” here doesn’t refer to the fruit, but the “pupil” inone’s eye. People felt that the shape of the pupil was similar to thatof an apple’s. In fact, for quite some time the word “aeppel” was usedto refer to both the eye and the fruit. The pupil is a pricelesspossession because without it we will be deprived of our vision; wewill not be able to see. And vision is something that all human beingsvalue. That’s why the expression, “the apple of one’s eye” came to meansomething that is greatly valued or treasured. By the way, rememberthat it’s “the apple of one’s eye” and not “eyes”. Source Click Here »