Apple and the Harry Potter Book

Among hundred of thousands of people, of all ages, all around the world. I am a fan finding time in reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6), whether in my tranpo line, in my service van or after dinner.

I usually fall asleep reading slowly and absorbing each line (I’m working all day and have to traveled 1 1/2 hours to get home, I fall asleep coz I’m exhausted!).

All the excitement was paid off. And all I can say is, until now I cannot cope up with different emotions.

The battle between Death Eaters and The Order of Phoenix is equally described in the last book. But the action pack is lessen.

The world of magic has moved on with the age of its characters. It does, as reported earlier, end with a funeral of an important character, with the emotions of those watching fully described. Maybe upsetting to some younger readers.

Boy-girl relationships are a large part of the story. The lovestory of Harry and Ginny or Harry and Hermonie or Harry and Luna or maybe Ron and Hermonie or Ron and other Girl will be concluded.

Apple started reading Harry Potter Books last year !

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