Harry Potter “Trouble of being Famous”

Harry Potter Porn… Pharse that burgeoning Harry Potter.

Late last year, Warner Bros. attorneys sent cease-and-desist orders to operators of several fan sites in the United States and Britain. A public relations meltdown followed, and the studio was pilloried in the press and shamed by a sweet-faced 16-year-old fan from Virginia. She organized a boycott and gave a Warner Bros. VP a thorough drubbing on MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

The story is about naughty Harry Potter stories belong to the larger online phenomenon called slash fiction (slash refers to stories that pair male characters like Captain Kirk and Spock or Starsky and Hutch; stories about male-female sex are called simply het).

Just as that controversy was beginning to quiet down, Warner Bros. dropped or settled cases against unauthorized sites. The boycott was called off. Then came an even sleazier online affront. The studio executive says that taking legal actions could drawn more attention to offending materials.

Google.com search lists more than 70 Web sites devoted to Harry Potter slash with some dotcom hosting to 100 or more stories and others featuring vast galleries of fan art picturing Harry and his boarding school chums in flagrante. More of this articles »

Recently a porn film hit the internet. According to the Sun, the film shows toy models of Hermione Granger first working her magic on the boys, Harry and Ron Weasley, and then the three of them enjoying an X-rated threesome.

Parents… you must be concerned about what harry potter materials that your children is collecting.

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