Harry’s 3D exceeds my expectations

The dark smoke, the flying Death Eaters, the dark alleys, the city of London takes my breath away. Yup the movie is dark, but it creates a mood of deeper emotions. The movie’s opening sequence, approximately 12 minutes, has been converted to IMAX 3D format was real fantastic.

The trio interactions and they are amazing in their roles that pull them off well together. Definitely Half-Blood Prince is also very funny, Ron will have you laughing a lot. Seriously, I don’t feel much of love in the air but rather I felt the deepest emotions of Draco, the struggle of being young and corrupted by the adults and system of Death Eaters. Bravo David Yates for motivating these young actors and actresses, they become more matured. And Bellatrix and Snape performance was equally brilliant.


I love the screen writer idea of Harry transformations to adolescence. I admit, the late at night in a cafe of the London Underground, while reading a copy of the Daily Prophet and the flirting of the waitress is a perfect idea. And perhaps Ron is a lucky man, with lots of snogging while Harry with quiet innocent one with Ginny.

Frustration… Well, the retrieving of necklace of Harry and Dumbledore in the lake somehow was shortened. I hope they have extended version on the DVD. Also, I was hoping they will include the Memorial Scene of Dumbledore with the crying of Fawkes lamentation, giving respect of the mermaid and the gathering of powerful witches and wizard. The fight scene of Harry’s friends with the Death Eaters was not included in the movie. Well, the fire in the Burrow… I hope the Burrow was only damaged because after the death a wedding will come.

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