The Potter Book Last Chapter

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

J.K. Rowling is officially back at work, writing the seventh, she say it will the last Harry Potter book.

Good news for pottermania like me.

If you haven’t read it but are planning to, STOP READING THIS STORY NOW! Go to the comics, go to Sports, change the color of your hair….

The bad news is that it will be release at least 2007 before “Harry Potter and the Cheneness whatever” published. (hehehee)

This is some of clues about what might happen in Harry Potter Book 7. Maybe we can answer to some of the questions…

  • Who is RAB?
  • Professor Snape is good or evil?
  • Draco will die?
  • What will be next to Genni And Harry?
  • Ron and Hermione somehow will end up to each other?
  • Harry’s scar is actually a horcrux?
  • The end of hogwart?
  • The Giant will join the Order of the Phoenix?
  • Does Harry die?

You’re not alone. At any given time, thousands of Muggles are scouring for clues, joining message boards at or finding hope amid their grief at

We will look back some of “Half-Blood Prince” pages to find out more…

Who is RAB?

Some said it could it be Sirius Black’s dead brother, Regulus? Rowling has called that “a fine guess.”

There are other hints pointing to a Black family member having gotten the locket as horcrux from the cave. During the frantic cleaning of 12 Grimmauld Place in “Order of the Phoenix,” members of the order come across “a heavy locket that none of them could open.”

Find out more on my next post… TADAHHHH!!!!

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