Design for your delight in Grid Based

Web designers found their salvation in Grid System to create appealing and web standard compliance website. The growing influence of traditional print design techniques on the Web makes gives more freedom and artistic flow. The CSS based grid frameworks (like 960 Grid System and Blueprint) have emerged and gained popularity. Yes, you can now design for your delight.

You can now create layout that are resemble of print magazines or posters, striking headlines, multi-column text, highlighted quotations, indented text, supporting imagery, side notes and footnotes. The Grid Based designs usually adhere to grids and have strong, vivid typography.

Bold, strong, heavy headlines can effectively convey the purpose of an e-commerce website or portfolio, while subtler headings help structure content and improve legibility.

Grid-based Web design as a whole encompasses the entire workflow (design comp, coding, future updates) we can now create a flexible framework share between our graphic assets and code files that rationalizes many things about our designs.

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