Photoshop and Flash, Apple Real Hero

After visiting the YODA (Our Project Management System), accepting the task and some hi/hello on my project managers, my next agenda, visit my favorite designer and flash websites.

Designer Website

1. PS HERO – The author name is Hero, yes he is my real photoshop hero. I really appreciate and in love with his tutorials, freebies and design style. He is true inspiration in web design industry. This are some of my favorite, namely Volkwagen Menu, Old Wax Seal and Text in Stitches

2. Abduzeedo – created and developed by Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian designer living in Porto Alegre. With his others co-author, the tutorials, interviews and featured showcase collections are awesome. Be inspired and learned from this gifted designers.

3. Tutorial9 – a very impressive tutorials from David Leggett and his team. Tutorial9 focused on branding, faq and designer know-hows. Some of the authors have been teaching online and quite successful graphic design industry.

4. PSDTuts – the Photoshop enthusiast website, their tutorials was produce great graphics and effects, it was explain in a friendly, approachable manner. Their photoshop tutorials are really amazing but sadly you must pay the membership and registered on get access on wonderful tutorials.

5. SmashingMagazine – maintained by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz. Their objective is to give latest trends and techniques in Web development and Web Design. SmashingMagazine showcase some of best template, icons, web resources and more.

The Flash Website

1. – Get update and be guided on blog specializes in the new motion model of Flash CS4, and is brought to you by team tween of and Flash at Adobe.

2. The FWA – showcase best and highly acclaim Website. Usually flash and motion Graphics website.

3. Sephiroth – Great flash, FLEX and php driven tutorials.

4. Liquidjourney – Download and be inspired on very impressive gravity, bounce and particles flash FLA files.

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