An Invisible Thread – Heroes Last Episode

Tim Kring is truly a genius, we just watch the last the twenty-fifth and final episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and fifty-ninth episode overall. It was aired last April 27 at NBC.

Remember… “I Am Sylar” episode. I love the idea of Sylar shape-shifting abilities and beginning to have identity crisis.

But the fight against Sylar, an awesome twist and a death. The idea of the unconscious Sylar, alter mentally by Matt was truly awesome. Noah knows that Sylar’s acquired ability of reading the history of objects enabling him to fill in the gaps of Nathan’s life, and fully embody Nathan’s personality and gain his memories.

While Sylar, the new ‘Nathan’ confirms the President has indeed shut down Building 26, and the funds transferred so that Angela and Noah can start up their own company which Noah favorably wants to call “The Company”.

It was also sooooo exciting, thanks to NBC they include the Prologue of Volume 5. Woowwwweeee!

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