David Archuleta not Cook – The New American Idol

Yes… David Archuleta knock out David Cook on American Idol Season 7. I cannot believe it, Simon Cowell loves Archuleta performance whaaaa….

Simon say, “But here’s the difference, in my opinion,” he added. “David [Archuleta], you came out here tonight to win, and what we have witnessed is a knockout.”

The battle of David’s – American Idols season 7 held at Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles. A via satelite performance viewed around the hemsiphere. The winner of “American Idol” gets a $1 million recording contract and will be beholden to 19 Entertainment, the highly successful management team founded by Simon Fuller, who invented the “Idol” concept. The brutal truth in the music industry, even an “Idol” title and all its rewards guarantee nothing. But for sure it open doors of opportunities to both David’s.


According to Timothy Finn, columnist from Kansas City

Cook’s future looks vastly different, but things look favorable already, whether he wins on Wednesday or not. When a song writing goliath like Diane Warren shows up to hear you sing one of her best-known songs, as she did last week, it seems apparent that forces are already in motion. If so, their direction seems generally certain: Cook will likely pursue some flavor of modern or alternative rock.

“The obvious route for David Cook is the Chris Daughtry path,” said Ann Donahue, a senior editor at Billboard. “They have different personalities and performance styles, but not many rock singers have come through ‘Idol,’ so it would be a good path for (Cook).” More Click Here »

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