David Cook – The New American Idol

David Cook vs. David Archuleta on Tuesday 8/7c and Wednesday 9/8c…

The two remaining male singers have been favored for the endgame for nearly two months now. They’ve consistently gained the warmest reviews from the judges.

While David Cook never strayed into the endangered bottom three even once.
The guy is a total performer, the way he interprets songs is very very different. If I heard it right, Simon Cowell even commented that David Cook could actually win the American Idol season 7.

I do remember David Archuleta forgot his song lyrics on one episode. I think this has been decided by America weeks ago when they forgave little David’s blunder on the lyrics, and focused on his smiles instead.

America voted 56 million last Wednesday night’s competition.

The two remaining contestants will give their last judged performances Tuesday night, with the results revealed on a two-hour finale on Wednesday.

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