Japanese 1-mm thick by 125-inch Plasma display

The large-screen display was manufacturer, the Shinoda Plasma has unveiled a flexible, 1-millimeter thick, 125-inch film-type prototype display that can be used as a curved or wrap-around screen.

The 3 x 1 meter plasma tube array (PTA) display (which actually consists of 3 seamlessly integrated 1 x 1 meter square sub-modules) offers a resolution of 960 x 360 and weighs 3.6 kilograms (8 lbs), or about 10 times less than a conventional plasma display.

At a low-key unveiling on May 15, Shinoda Plasma announced plans to exhibit the device in June at the InfoComm 2008 (infocommshow.org) conference in Las Vegas and confirmed their intent to begin small-scale production of a 150-inch (3 x 2 meter).

While Shinoda Plasma envisions a variety of digital signage and advertising applications, the ultra thin displays. Image your own sliding show in your home wall…. AMAZING!

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