Wedding of Grey-Shepherd on 100th episode and Season Finale

Yes I am into Grey’s Anatomy this weekend. Got hooked up in Season 1-5 dvd marathon  and really loved it.

Hope the wedding will never be the same with Kristina and Burke.  After all,  she don’t have to  shave her eyebrows and wear a chain necklace.

I do believe Meredith and Derek are soul mates … Also,  please I also believe in happy ending and all the crappy stuffed such children, getting old and quarrel, lots of discussion and making up. Please make the wedding official, love the post it  agreement/vows but i really wanted to see it will be official either on church or city hall,  it real doesn’t matter.

I hope Dr. Isobel Stevens character will live and I really don’t want another ghost or mere imagination and hallucination of tumor. Hope Alex and Izzie will have a happy ending.  Hope George will have another face and his character remained intact.  Hope Christina and Owen will have love triangle to Burke. Hope Callie come to her senses and be friend with Arizona.

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