Guidelines and Ways to Eat Healthier

Obviously I love eating. Food makes me feel happy… Ahh bad thing but there are ways to eat healthier..

Eat Slowly
Be happy… eat slowly… savored every bites, taste your food more and be satisfied. Eating slowly gradually reduces your appetite.

Shrink your portions
Get smaller plate, asked for small cone ice cream, eat regular burger without cheese. No more ramen house, no more eat all you can.

Fruit or vegetable on every meal
Improved your health and lower blood pressure. They says grapes on breakfast is good. Brocolli on lunch and fruit or vegei salad on evening.

Say No to SODA
aaaahhh… HIRAP…. But you have too… Alternate ICE TEA instead, green tea is the best.

Eliminate RED MEAT
Some researches believe the two primary culprits of harmful red meat effects are the heavy metals and toxins concentrated in the fat tissues. Canned tuna is cheap & contains as much protein as meat. Alternate tuna with eggs, meat & whey.

The healthiest cereal, choose one with at least five grams of fiber and no more than eight grams sugar per serving.

Take Food To Work
Ever counted how much money you throw away buying food at work daily? Start preparing your food for the day on waking up:
-Get up earlier
-Eat a solid breakfast (like Scrambled Eggs)
-Prepare your food for work in the meanwhile.

NO MORE Junk Food.
lol… aaahhhh Hirap talaga


16 Ways to Eat Healthy While Keeping it Cheap

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