Simply live for You

Yesterday, I was moved by the song “Simply live for You” and it really touch my heart. I realized that on each passing day without God grace I am nothing. Things happened or might happen but with God on our side whom will stand against us.

The peace that I felt today, was the result of my words of whisper with Him in the morning. I remember the story of the bird that still singing beautifully in middle of storm. It was the same peace that in my heart today. Words are not enough to express my great appreciation to the Almighty whom given me abundance of blessing.

I Simply Live for You

Words and Music by Russell Fragar
Album: For This Cause
Track: I Simply Live for You

Say the word and I will sing for You.
Over oceans deep I will follow.
If each star was a song
And every breath of wind praise.

It would still fail by far
To say all my heart contains.
I simply live,
I simply live for You.

As the glory of Your presence
Now fills this place.
In worship we will meet You
Face to face.

There is nothing in this world
To which You can be compared,
Glory of glory,
Praise upon praise.

You bind the broken-hearted.
And save all my tears.
By Your word You set the captive free.
There is nothing in this world
That You cannot do.
I simply live,
I simply live for You.

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