Applebyte support a prayer for Guatamela

A tropical storm called Agatha, the floods killed hundred of people and cause giant sinkhole (crate) in Guatemala City. In the Chimaltenango Province, west of Guatemala City, landslides buried dozens of communities, leaving at least 60 dead. While the storm that hit last Saturday, just two days after the Pacaya volcano, about 20 miles south of Guatemala City, erupted, causing the international airport to shut down.

Just come to think of it throughout the history Guatemala has been controlled by plantation owners making a healthy profit and then by military dictators hungry for power.

Let’s pray for Guatemala as it deals with Agatha and also the effects of the Pacaya volcano, which erupted Thursday night.

“God, we ask for your blessing of peace and protection for the people of Guatemala as they deal with the impact of two natural disasters. Stand with those who have suffered the impact of the storm. Give them strength and health. Comfort those who have lost loved ones and those who have lost homes. Stand too with those who have endured the violence of the volcano. Protect them from further harm. Bless and give wisdom to officials who are helping in these emergencies. You do not cause these catastrophes, but you can always make something beneficial out of the pain. God, bless Guatemala. In Jesus name…” Source:

Guatamela giant sinkhole crate

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