Comelec show unstable, unreadiness!

Philippine Election 2010, the first automation election. So sad, last week the Compact Flash of PCOS machine failed on testing. The new Compact Flash was delivered throughout the nations still not yet completed this Monday morning.

While the suppose online voters list that provided by Comelec cannot be access due of Comelec bandwidth limitation. Ooops, the website down already.

The list of voters of Metro Manila which can be downloaded as a PDF file and contains information such as precinct number, VRR, registration date and polling place.  It shows your full name (including the middle name!), complete address and birth date…. Ooopsss… They post it online without any security measure.

The computer experts and watchdog groups warned on the eve of the balloting that the haphazard preparations of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) would produce an avalanche of technical problems. Comelec have unstable, unreadiness automation election!

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