Fond Farewell… For New Prespective!

Another year will come to end and 2008 will arise. I have fond memories of 12 wonderful month… Every day was a gift of God who restored my confidence in myself and my relationship to others.

This is a year of taking each step slowly… A year of accepting and letting go is not always saying goodbye. This is a year of reconciliation and forgiveness. A year of taking ownership of responsibility and letting go of your old selves.

I have found The Design People and new circle of friends that are genuine in their friendship and trust your judgement. I am thankful to Pris for bringing me to them.

Yes… I uncluttered my desk … And marched to a thing called CHANGE.

Now I am a growing Artist with a new prespective… Loving the flash animation and conceptualizing my designs …

This is my FOND FAREWELL to 2007….

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