Happy Father’s Day

This father’s day, I never been so lonely and wishing my father was here. Maybe he will console me and always he will said “Apple andyan na ko.

I am lucky to have a father like him, I remember his long hour of waiting at school yard. Or the baon that he will prepared in my school. He will be the one, do the dishes or any of my chores when I felt sick or something else. He died when I was 11 years old. But I never felt so much missing him until today.

My father was my figure of a great man. I saw how much patience he was in my mothers ranting. I saw how much he love my mother. He never failed to kiss my mother when he leave homes. He never failed to provide for us, financial needs, spiritual and emotional. He never left us neither hurt my mother feelings. He was kind enough and generous to my mother extended family. He was been a father not only for me but to my cousin whom somehow lost their father or their father missing in their lives. I missed my father so much. I was wishing to hear the words “Apple andyan na ko.” Then maybe i will be alright.

But life goes on. I was wishing I could have a simple yet happy family that my sister and brother had. But then again my life goes on. Until the Lord come, I don’t know what will happen to my life. Then again my life goes on and on.

Happy Father’s Day!

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