I Love Madonna

On my way home, the bus DVD Movie featured Madonna Concert. Wow, for the first I never wear my earphone in the bus (coz i like listening to my own music). It quite reminiscing, the lyrics, the high school musical we have played, the fancy color dress, the dance steps and the tis big hair.

TOP FAV 80’s Thing.

80s Fav

Remember how Madonna wearing black net tops.
How about Michael Jackson Billy Jeans and Thriller.
Care Bears were cute. They were funny. They just all around made people happy.
What girl didn’t want to be Rainbow Brite when she was a child? Rainbow Brite had style, personality, and she even saved the world in a feature film.
I always have espadrille shoes all days!
You are not cool if you don’t have slap bracelet…
The Bubble Gum tape that lasted for one month.
The Beverly Hills 90210 tv series on late 80’s.
Sweet Valley High is a book series created by Francine Pascal revolved around the lives of teenagers Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, twins who live in fictitious Sweet Valley, California.

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