New Applebyte, new me!

Today I decided to change everything, a more dynamic Applebyte, a new friendly me. I’m so hurt, God allowed thing to happened in my life. One thing I realized that God the only one being whom never betrayed me nor forsaken me. He will be the source of this change. He will be my inspiration and companion on this phase of my life.

I was been bitter that my life seem a picture of depression, sickness and loneliness, but thing will change. One step a time, a step with God and the Christ whom empty me. Yes, I felt empty and I am scare. But one thing for sure, I will never be alone again. No more agonizing heart ache that will take my breath away. No more tears of being alone. No more walking in edge. No more jumping in deep sorrow. No more second thought of my existence. No more pain of rejection. No more fragile and deep depression.

I remember, God called you by names and now He calling me. He need me in His kingdom. He need me to be part of his major plan. I will take charge and lead. One miracle each day, one step of faith every moment, one change at the time.

Still I have one hope, a family that take a leap of faith in God, a family that serving God.

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