Things that I love to have….

Call me materialistic and everything… but there are thing that I wanted to have before 2010… Why 2010? …. I don’t know, just came to me. I must have this things before 2010.

First! This is a necessity… I need a laptop this year. A brand new one. I need to bring a pc everywhere. I canvass every week, actually every time I went to a mall. I still not found what Im looking for…

I keep checking at, I really love this one!

Bling Bling is Me…
Yup, I love bling bling… SILVER and colorful. This is new collection of Tokido Ki Sanrio that surely to die for.Sanrio-Tokidoki

Quite Super Materialistic
I have HP iPAQ Phone but still I wanted to have iPhone. Why? I just want to experience the iPhone Software… Okiess… It was just one of the reason, but I am more excited on Google Phone actually.
Louis Vuitton
I love tote bag, knapsack bag and designer bag… Before 2010 I must have a Louis Vuitton Tivoli Pm. Well that’s keep me working, my motivation… Lol!
Louis Vuitton

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