Wireless Kindle 2.0, goodbye paperback

Just yesterday, Gerry and I have a conversation of what I see myself after 10 years or so… I told him, I see myself on the herb garden, sitting on a couch, sipping a tea, laptop on the side and reading a book, reading lots of books… Maybe because I was really love in the Twilight Saga, a friend of mine gave me the audio and I downloaded the  pdf book version.

Yup… I tell you, its not a paperback books rather a gadget, thick as paper board, wherein all my favorite books stored. Then I saw the the Amazon revealed the Wireless Kindle 2.0, it’s an e-book reader you don’t even have to read — it reads to you. Yup it has a built-in text-to-speech. Currently, the Kindle store offers just 31 newspapers and 22 magazines, good start but not yet impressive since thousands of periodicals published around the world.

The new Kindle is actually a bit taller than the old one, yet the 6-inch screen is exactly the same size, SD CARD slot up to 2GB, Amazon’s 3G Whispernet wireless tech to automatically sync your content between multiple Kindles.

Wireless Kindle 2.0

But I still love the touchscreen tabloid called FirstPaper of Media giant Hearst Corp. which is Linux Based. But you can choose to any available ebook reader in market at a price that’s close to e-readers such as the $280 Sony Reader, the $399 Amazon Kindle or the $350 Ectaco Jetbook. Still you can buy a laptop for affordable price of $699.

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