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Do you want to create a very personal invitation card that give a good and lasting impression to your special event, such as your wedding, birthday party, your graduation ball or even your tea pot party.

Designing and creating your own special invitations will not only put your own stamp on the event, it can also help you to save quite a bit of money, someone I know started it as business and until now she told me they have a handsome ROI. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Create Ideas
A good way is to attend classes conducted by many scrapbooking supply stores wherein you are taught how to make your own invitations. Attending such classes can give you many ideas about creating your own design, and also finding out if the design you have in mind will work.

For instance, if you want to use embellishments, such as a bow, eyelet, wax seal, etc., to affix the pieces of your invitation, check whether you have the right sorts of supplies. Could there be some short cuts or tricks that could save you time and money?

The Internet is also full of sites where you can get a whole lot of design ideas. The PERSONA DIGITA is planning to build a network of designer, web arts crafter and hobbyist that might help you. We will have wedding freebies such as Wedding Invitation, Save Card, Shower Party and even Advance Video Production alternative like the Flash Slideshow that usually played at Wedding Receptions. Below the sample wedding freebie of Persona Digita .

Persona Digita Sample Wedding Invitation

Personalize It
Make the invitations by using as much of your personal flair as you can. Make your invitations a creative means of introducing your relationship to your friends and family. You can use a special font, colors and paper to produce the vibe you want. The way you design your invitations will communicate exactly how you intend your event should be, thus helping your guests understand what to expect.

Using your picture to personalize it is also a good idea. You can duplicate photographs quite inexpensively from the machines some scrapbooking supply stores have. Find out from your local retailer whether you should bring along a CD or MMC/SD Memory Card with your picture in it or a photograph to scan. Some machines have the ability of turning colored photographs into black-and-white or sepia to match the style of your invitation.

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