Apple love jQuery slideshow

I been using jQuery often now a days. jQuery slideshow advantage in SEO, compatible with more browsers than Flash including iPhone, cell phones, PS3 and PSP, these are some of the few reason on increasing demand using this framework. Below are some of my favorite.

a. mb.maskedGallery.doc
A slide show if you are have Custom frame for your images. You overlap any png file and it masked the gallery.

b. mb.mediaEmbedder
Easy was to put youtube, vimeo, flickr, livestream, ustream on your website

c.simple Jquery Image Slide show
A very simple fade in, fade out slide show with tagline

A sliding images gallery with pagination.

c. Jquery Cycle
A series of slideshow for simple code to advance Jquery Code.

d. Galleria Demo 01
This gallery was created from a simple unordered list with images – thumbnails and functionality is all in the Galleria plugin

e. Interface
Auto slide with preloader and ordered list images

f. CrossSlide
Overlapping images slideshow

g. Jquery Showcase
Showcasing Unordered list of image.

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