Flash Earth FAQ

Flash Earth is an experimental application of Paul Neave for viewing satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth from multiple mapping websites inside a single Flash-based interface. It is not yet designed to be a fully-fledged mapping application, but a promising flash application. You can view the world map via NASA, Open Layers, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps and Ask.Com Map, recently he remove the google map. Google asked for their imagery to be removed from Flash Earth because it was seen to be a violation of their Terms of Use for the Google Maps API.

How do I use Flash Earth?

To move the map click and drag with the mouse and pan around, or simply click once to re-centre. You can also click on the compass points to move.

You can zoom by dragging the slider bar, by pressing the plus and minus buttons or by scrolling the mouse wheel. You can rotate the map by turning the compass with click and drag.

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