Google Can Index Flash Textual Content

Google Webmaster Central announced last June 30 that finally they developed and implemented an algorithm that can index textual content in Flash files of all kinds.

Your swf files can now index textual content which includes Flash “gadgets” such as buttons or menus, self-contained Flash websites, and everything in between.

Content such as text that users can see as they interact with swf file, your snippet on website, and all the words that appear in your Flash files can be used to match query terms in Google searches.

Google still dont recognize the image files, flv files, images buttons which target some URL which not associated with text.

There are three main limitations at present and Google Ron Adler and Janis Stipins—software engineers are already working on resolving them:

Googlebot does not execute some types of JavaScript. So if your web page loads a Flash file via JavaScript, Google may not be aware of that Flash file, in which case it will not be indexed.

Google currently do not attach content from external resources that are loaded by your Flash files. If your Flash file loads an HTML file, an XML file, another SWF file, etc., Google will separately index that resource, but it will not yet be considered to be part of the content in your Flash file.

While Google are able to index Flash in almost all of the languages found on the web, currently there are difficulties with Flash content written in bidirectional languages. Until this is fixed, Google will be unable to index Hebrew language or Arabic language content from Flash files.

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