Love to have Ipad of Apple

I been waiting for so long and excited about the released of this Apple Tablet, but after I watched the online demo of Steve Job I got frustrated because still it doesn’t play flash, (how can play Cafe World on this big gadget).

I thought Ipad is the junior of  MacBook or Mac Air, with the touch technology, frustrated to found out it was the big brother of Iphone and Itouch.

But well, it look like its going to be my gaming gadget, ebook-reader (way much better on Kindle), DVD player, email tool, home computer, photo-viewer, TV and ‘do just about anything at a touch’ (thanks to Apps) and way cheaper than a MacBook.

The review was not that nice and I still want to know the pros and con of Ipad.  Until then, after 60 days of consumer review, i will  keep my wallet in the pocket.

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