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I love WordPress, but I also update myself and still searching for a CMS that will satisfies my expectation on Content Managament System Solution.

I stumble upon another CMS, the Textpattern Solutions promises flexibility, elegants, user-friendly and easy-to-use content management system. They claimed Textpattern Solutions is a designer’s CMS—there are no server-side development skills (such as PHP or MySQL) needed to build complex. If a designer is fluent in CSS and HTML, it is a simple matter of employing Textpattern’s friendly, natural-language tags to build a complete website.

Textpattern target market are bloggers, hobbyists and non technical individuals, who just want a simple blog and do not know how to write HTML/CSS . Their Textile (lightweight markup language) is easy to learn, and there is a cheat-sheet built into the interface in case you forget the syntax.

They claimed a slight learning curve to Textpattern, so the aspiring developer should be willing to put in the time necessary in order to become familiar with the system. However, the learning curve is not as steep as a full-blown application framework such as Django, where a great deal of customization is required.

Essential Links of Texpattern Solutions

Download Textpattern Solutions version 4.0.6
Official Homepage – textpattern.com
Plugins – textpattern.org
Book – textpatternsolutions.com
Programmers and Designers Communities – xpattern.net
Programmers Communities – codesnippets.joyent.com
Textpattern Wiki

Free Templates :

Sample Website :
Well Designed Texpattern Solutions Website

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