On March 22nd 2018 a father claimed that his young son was being harassed by online predators on roblox. His son was given what he believed to be an authentic phone number for support from roblox but it was actually a phone number for an adult service in California called "Spunky".

On May 9th, 2015 ROBLOX changed their logo again which became more square and flat then their old one. Their previous version was rounded more than their current version.On November 5th, 2016, ROBLOX released yet another logo which is now a modified version of the 2010 logo. The new logo has a more pixelated layout and a different shade of blue.

In December 2016, Roblox changed its website design again.[64] This can be viewed here: Roblox Main Page. An official subreddit was created in January 2012 by user pb_bacon.[65] It has since grown to have over 3,000 subscribers (as of May 2018) and 338 pages (as of May 2018).

I just wish we could have stuff like spoons on roblox and we could make furniture like tables and chairs or a cabinet and some chairs for our avatar. Also I want to be able to make my own game make it like Roblox survival! Please please please update roblox so that we can have stuff like spoons and a table and chairs for our avatar thank you. When there is an update that takes away all the content from one of the games I played, it's sad because I enjoyed it... And other people enjoyed it too.

There are some games that can give you more Robux randomly. But the chances of a good game giving you much more than what you're supposed to receive are very slim because the online game developers save these gifts for popular games.

The third way is using your Xbox live account to earn free Robux on a game called "Robloxian Life". This game awards players with 20 points per day which translate into around 100 Robux.

This game has many bugs such as glitching which can happen at any time including in games. There is no way to report this glitch due to the fact that the button isn't there and you can only report it from the website. This is extremely annoying because you need to refresh the page and play all over again, but this usually happens when you are about to win.

When you wish to get free robux on roblox, then I am sure you have tried quite a few different methods. There are some tools that are really good, but most of them are downside when it comes to how fast they can get you robux. This tool is one of the top ones as it can get you free robux on roblox very quickly without even having to spend a single penny!

On November 1, 2015, Roblox was officially sued for copyright infringement by Joshua Moskowitz, also known as "Dr. J". The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and details how parts of "The Maze Runner" were used to create a ROBLOX game called "The Maze." The lawsuit alleges that Dr. J is notifying every author use of his game engine to give them the opportunity to either take down their games or have a section added to his website.

According to a report by "The Guardian", Roblox has been criticized for being a "digital playground" that involves more than 50% of their users under the age of 18. The report states that there are over 200 million players on Roblox who have access to weapons and themes that include sexual references and violence. They also said that Roblox emphasizes the idea of user privacy which can be seen in their games by having players invite other users via email or text messages.


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