Roblox has been nominated for an O149 Award at Inked Awards 2014. This was for the Developer of the Year category. On January 9, 2018, Roblox won the People's Choice award in the Family category for the 9th Annual Webby Awards.

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Free games are not limited to offering premium features; however, most free games which offer their own XP system for player progression don't offer it via premium features. Therefore, non-Premium free games will usually include the default XP system as an option instead of offering another one.

In the ROBLOX Studio game, you can publish a game that contains the Free Builder's Club item and make it for sale. You will receive 50% of the profit from every sale (however, if someone buys your item and then buys it again later on with their own Robux or Builder's Club, you will not receive any more money).

In February 2013, Roblox was in violation of Terms of Service that required them to have a minimum age requirement for players.[72] In December 2016, ROBLOX temporarily suspended monetizing accounts and purchases of game currency within their website after it was discovered that many users had been cheated out of money. It is known that they worked with third-party vendors to purchase a limited amount of Robux for specific accounts.[73]

On November 2nd, 2018, ROBLOX announced that the company is looking into implementing state-of-the-art anti-cheat technology. This was made to reduce the chances of "botters" putting random objects in games that don't belong there or making designs that look like they can be through a video editor. The company also stated that if there are any issues with their anti-cheat software, they will let everyone know as soon as possible.[24]

The script system can be used to create a semi-spamming robot. This can be achieved by constantly creating invisible scripts that automatically click other user's pages. This can be done by using a script that spreads to everyone else's page, and then moving the user to the top of the list. However, this technique can be easily prevented by simply moving the user to an undesirable position in the list.

ROBLOX has its own program called Easy School. Easy School is an educational system that can be used to learn and teach almost any subject, ranging from math to geography. There are also tutorials for programming languages like Unity3D using C# or Java. The tutorials can be watched in the ROBLOX Workshop Editlion or in-game, while teaching other tutorials are available on their website.

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