The lawsuit alleged that Roblox had an HR department that was unequipped to deal with discrimination and harassment claims, falsely stated employees' work hours to avoid providing overtime pay, and broke state laws regarding how long time employees must be given notice before being laid off.

On February 29th 2018 there was a large DDOS attack on roblox which left most of the games not loading and many users getting kicked from games due to it.On March 1st 2018 the company announced that a hacker had gained access into their database and multiple users personal information was leaked mainly password, username and email addresses.

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Who would want to play a game like this? Nobody really I would think. It's just like Roblox in that you can buy stuff with fake money, but there is no value in either one of them. The real issue is that the developer(s) of both games are making a ton of money from people who don't care about winning or losing, they just want to have fun.

The community is toxic in many ways, Robloxian's have made characters with inappropriate content such as swearing in their usernames or wearing inappropriate clothing that make it look like they are roleplaying as an adult even though they shouldn't be. Although there are ROBLOX moderators, there should be more since some of them don't join Roblox or just don't care about some of the problems that some people have on Roblox.

One of the reasons why Roblox has become such a big hit is because it lets you play with your friends in a virtual world that is full of adventure. It's not just for kids either, but especially for teens and adults as well because there are tons of things to do in here. It is a place where you can have fun and meet new people online. Most importantly, you can learn a lot of skills since Roblox has so many different games and places to visit.

To create a new game, players are introduced to the Roblox engine or "R-Engine". This is the application developers use to create their own games. All of the features in Roblox are available to be utilized by developers.

On December 14th 2018, ROBLOX announced that there would be no more updates to this system and any items uploaded would not be safe after February 10th 2019. They also announced that they will be releasing a replacement system to store game files. On February 9th 2019, ROBLOX announced that the upcoming upload system is going to be called "ROBLOX Studio".[97]

I love Roblox, but there are a few issues that I think need to be fixed. I have noticed that there is a lot of adult themes, and people swear a lot (which is not acceptable, it should only be in forums, not in game). It also needs more updates. In my opinion you should only take down the website if you combat online harassment or if someone steals someone else's idea. You can't create an account with your email address or password because the website doesn't know who you are. It only knows your username which is so unfair because someone could send harassing messages to other players without them knowing the real person. You should add more games and less glitches, with more updates. I really hope you take my suggestions into consideration, it would be great if you fixed all the big issues in Roblox.

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