Adam Lambert Nailed It!

The Motown Episode of American Idol Season 8 blew my mind away. All the performance was wonderful though Michael Sarver missed this chance to prove himself again.

The most interesting part was seeing Adam Lambert into a formal suit, clean nails and smooth hairdo. He is the artist, he move the judges expectation on another level. The song sang in clean palseto, The Tracks of My Tears earned an standing ovation on Hollywood.

Smokey Robinson was pleased with each performance, he really enjoyed himself on audience side.

Moca the cost effective mobile medical diagnostics

The software called Moca has been developed to run on Android, this is a new mobile application that enables easy diagnosis of patients in remote areas. Moca integrates the Android based medical diagnosis application with the open source OpenMRS medical records database system.

The project was started with a mission to provide flexible and scalable IT architecture to empower social entrepreneurs and NGOs to scale rural health diagnosis using mobile information and communication technologies.

An initial trial is set to happen in the Philippines, home of the project’s lead Dr. Leo Celi, where the device promises to be a boon to that country’s remote areas where there is a lack of doctors.

Crude Oz and The Straightjacket

Deo, one of the best web designer I know, was also the chief songwriter of Crude Oz Band. Yup, this very artistic musician was been my office mate. I heard him sing a couple of times but with his original composition, wowee! Very impressive.

They are not sound like another alternative band. In fact, their sound has the feel of the old with a touch of modern beats. Still they maintained an original and distinctive pop rock rhythm. Well, two of their songs, “Nasaan Ka?” and “Invisible Chains,” have both been named Track of the Week this year, by NU107.

What News?

Check out their first album “The Straightjacket“. You can enjoy and download it for FREE.

About Straightjacket
Lenin, the band’s bassist has this to say: Pinili namin yung title na Straightjacket kasi yung karamihan ng mga kanta ay parang galing sa isang taong nababaliw na dahil sa mga karanasan nya. Syempre lahat nung mga nababaliw eh kadalasan nakastraghtjacket di ba. Isa pang dahilan ay dahil matagal nang naipun ang mga kantang ‘to. Parang lahat nung damdamin, gigil na gigil nang makawala, so parang pag binuksan nyo yung cd at pinakinggan mo yung mga kanta, pinakawalan mo na rin kami sa wakas sa aming straghtjacket.

The Crude Oz Band playing gigs in venues like Purple Haze, RJ Bar, 6 Underground, Freedom Bar, Club Dredd, Kublai’s and 9mile.

Apple iPhone 2 available on July

On July 11, Apple iPhone 2 will be available on Apple Stores. YES… This is iPhone 3G and promising faster networks, secure access to corporate e-mail, precise location-based services, third-party applications and half in price.

The storage increase to 16GB, allowing for additional storage of movies and music. The iPhone 2 software features contact search with live searching, as well as providing extensive language support for the iPhone’s software QWERTY keyboard.
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