Simple website planning

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein

Often time, as a veteran web developer have a common problem with any Web project, failure to plan. The same issues come up repeatedly in every website project, in order to help our client, our team or ourselves. I recommend to use the 3×3 method.

The three by three (3×3) method is consist of 3 boxes, each with three lines underneath.
Sketch a simple illustration in the boxes, then write 3 words on the lines underneath. Explain what, why and how.

Blank 3x3 Method

What– what does your product do? what is your primary goal for building an online presence? (Market Research)
Why – Why people need your product? what’s the benefit? Make a good heading, slogan, good tagline or statement
How – How is a differentiator. How can we attract your target audience? Perhaps an innovative piece of functionality or a cost indicator.

Don’t be deceive, this is hard work. By constraining yourself to an extreme level, you’re forced to boil down your product and website to its bare fundamentals.
Your use of language has to change. Do away with determiners and adjectives and concentrate on verbs and nouns, whilst avoiding lists and maintaining a semblance of a sentence for each panel.

This is the first part of the exercise, designed to help you establish what the core of your product or website offering is.

Finally AppleByte Version 9

I am serious about giving for free — template and some of my sample works. Guys thanks for your download. Please post comments on each Template so I can improved the code and design/concept…

Ok… Don’t expect to much… Please Im still working on the Flash and W3Validation.

Thing to watch out ….

I will add html5 sample website.
I implemented Grid960 Fixed and Liquid Design on the Free Template.
More FLASH AS2 and if I have time I will study and share some of my AS3 Flash Learning FLA’s.
Since some of you are now asking, you can arrange to Codestuff.Com on customizing some of our templates…
Watch Out for more WordPress plugins on Codestuff.Com

Ciao!!! XOXO!

Web Directory WordPress plugin

Finally, you can download the Web Directory WordPress plugin of Gerry. Come to think of it… He never told me it was already available.

From Gerry Snippet
“Create a web directory for your WordPress blog using the bookmarks stored in your WordPress web site. Maintain the bookmarks using the same WordPress Link manager built-in feature. You can use your own stylesheet to blend it into your blog. Just create a WordPress page and use short codes to incorporate the web directory. Or create a template page and use the theme API’s to create a customized web directory page.”

You can now download it from from its page

If you have questions on using the Web Directory WordPress plugin, just use the Code Stuff contact page or post a comment at the Web Directory WordPress plugin project page.

WordPress Auto Correct and Mobile Plugin

Wowee… Finally, Gerry released his auto correct and his famous Mobile plugin for WordPress.

The Auto Correct is a simple plugin that lets you correct all occurrences of “wordpress” in your posts and pages with the proper “WordPress” spelling which is with a capital “W” and capital “P” … Download Here

And his famous Mobile plugin that detect whether a visitor on your web site is using a web browser on a mobile device. Download Here

Wedding of Grey-Shepherd on 100th episode and Season Finale

Yes I am into Grey’s Anatomy this weekend. Got hooked up in Season 1-5 dvd marathon  and really loved it.

Hope the wedding will never be the same with Kristina and Burke.  After all,  she don’t have to  shave her eyebrows and wear a chain necklace.

I do believe Meredith and Derek are soul mates … Also,  please I also believe in happy ending and all the crappy stuffed such children, getting old and quarrel, lots of discussion and making up. Please make the wedding official, love the post it  agreement/vows but i really wanted to see it will be official either on church or city hall,  it real doesn’t matter.

I hope Dr. Isobel Stevens character will live and I really don’t want another ghost or mere imagination and hallucination of tumor. Hope Alex and Izzie will have a happy ending.  Hope George will have another face and his character remained intact.  Hope Christina and Owen will have love triangle to Burke. Hope Callie come to her senses and be friend with Arizona.

Blogger Unite Fight for Hunger

hunger_and_hopeBlogger Unite and Heifer has partnered with Organic Valley Family that are both committed to make nutritious food available to all. They are fighting against the condition of 500 million people that are living in “absolute poverty” and more than 15 million children die of hunger every year.

Organic Valley Family and Heifer project is targeted at limited-resource and supplies, they also provides education and training to these farmers in organic and sustainable methods. Heifer also helps these farmers transition to organic so that they can be certified by the USDA if they choose.

They not just giving food, they educate farmers to improve economic sustainability, expand sustainable production and sound ecological practices, and the objective is to increase access to healthy foods in genuine-need communities.

Be a part and join the campaign against poverty.

Someone sent me a  video clip , this shown how Pinoy (Filipinos)  facing poverty,  its  moves me and touched my heart. You can send your help thru NCF or Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

Half Blood Prince on November

Wowee! I got crazy when I saw the new website of HP6 …. I love this book series of Harry Potter. The Half Blood Prince was the plot of the entire Harry Potter Series. With each movie I have noticed that the films themselves are looking more and more fantastic. I love the new film website also… Wowee..

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince will be shown on November 21st 2009.
harry potter movie

Linux.Com now owned by Linux Foundation

linux-foundationLinux Foundation a nonprofit consortium, sponsoring the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and is supported by leading Linux and open source companies and developers from around the world. Now will be the new host for Linux.Com while SourceForge will support the Linux Foundation by continuing to sell the advertising for Linux.Com

Geek circle around the globe alerted on this news. Hoping that Linux Foundation help the SourceForge financial woes.

While the Linux Foundation is currently working on a new beta version of the site that it will release in a few months.

Adam Lambert Nailed It!

The Motown Episode of American Idol Season 8 blew my mind away. All the performance was wonderful though Michael Sarver missed this chance to prove himself again.

The most interesting part was seeing Adam Lambert into a formal suit, clean nails and smooth hairdo. He is the artist, he move the judges expectation on another level. The song sang in clean palseto, The Tracks of My Tears earned an standing ovation on Hollywood.

Smokey Robinson was pleased with each performance, he really enjoyed himself on audience side.

American Idols Round Up

This is for Gerry, he never missed a single episode of Idols. Officially they are top 10 right now.  Well I am excited on the Motown Episode. I got my top five  fav and  rank them this way.

1. Danny Gokey – I love his version of Jesus take a Wheel, Gokey started singing with his family in church but stated he would rather record mainstream music than perform strictly contemporary Christian music.  Videos

2. Anoop Desai — Simone Cow quoted “From zero to Hero”,  I love the guy, I love the voice. For me, I love his version of  Beat It (though Simone think it was disaster).  This DOG  geek from North Carolina was a good youngster  inspirations, the man was working with his master degree. Videos

American Idol Season 8

3. Kris Allen – Allen is a worship leader for New Life Church in Arkansas at both the Conway and Greater Little Rock campuses. Please no more guitar next week, I want to see his cool move, he  is handsome. Videos.

4. Matt Giraud – He sing like Michael Bubble. I’m still in awe of his performance, great looking with his piano. Videos

5.  Adam Lambert — Gorgeous, popular and talented Idol, he quite interesting and unpredictable. Love his very interesting version of Ring of Fire…  Videos

6. Scott MacIntyre — this visually-impaired performer, singer, songwriter, and pianist was a real inspiration, we need to support him. Videos

7. Allison Iraheta — This 16 years old youngster with her powerful voice, she is wonderful. But I’m still waiting for her to deliver a truly memorable performance. Videos

8.  Megan Corkrey — A single mom, the beautiful, is she over the flu this week? Love her version of Walkin’ After Midnight, cute and fun. Videos

9. Michael Sarver —  is an oil rig worker from Jasper, Texas.  He’s fun, got a voice but I don’t believe he can make it further.  Videos.

10. Lil Rounds — For me, she is not an Idol materials, oooppps, sorry!  Videos