Happy Father’s Day

This father’s day, I never been so lonely and wishing my father was here. Maybe he will console me and always he will said “Apple andyan na ko.

I am lucky to have a father like him, I remember his long hour of waiting at school yard. Or the baon that he will prepared in my school. He will be the one, do the dishes or any of my chores when I felt sick or something else. He died when I was 11 years old. But I never felt so much missing him until today.

My father was my figure of a great man. I saw how much patience he was in my mothers ranting. I saw how much he love my mother. He never failed to kiss my mother when he leave homes. He never failed to provide for us, financial needs, spiritual and emotional. He never left us neither hurt my mother feelings. He was kind enough and generous to my mother extended family. He was been a father not only for me but to my cousin whom somehow lost their father or their father missing in their lives. I missed my father so much. I was wishing to hear the words “Apple andyan na ko.” Then maybe i will be alright.

But life goes on. I was wishing I could have a simple yet happy family that my sister and brother had. But then again my life goes on. Until the Lord come, I don’t know what will happen to my life. Then again my life goes on and on.

Happy Father’s Day!

McDo Playland – Applebyte says “I’m lovin it”

A recent commercial of Mc Donald featuring a three stories high Adults Playland, taking up the space in front of the Customs House at Sydney’s Circular Quay.

One Monday it suddenly appeared, the biggest McDonald’s Playland ever constructed while it suited to clad adults broke their Monday routine with a little time spent on the giant slides. Plus play around on a three meter tall Officer Big Mac, slide, swing and more.

First In, First Out

groceryTwo things that we usually buy in our lives…. the HARD GOODS and CONSUMABLE.

Hard goods are things we buy to keep them and used them in long period of time. While consumable are those we used-up and need replenishing.

All of us have a tendecy to overstock our consumable, such as, paper toilets, soap, condiments, toothpaste and more. We are quilty to buy more than what we needed.  Sometimes we keep buying this consumable to extend an ample space to store them.

The Unclutterer group have  a good advice on how to eliminate this hobby of crowding our consumable.

“To avoid these perils, evaluate your consumable inventory regularly. This means keeping on top of three primary areas: the refrigerator, the pantry and your toiletries stash.

  1. Clean out the refrigerator weekly, preferably the night before trash goes out to the curb.
  2. Keep informed about what’s in your pantry and don’t buy things you already have. Sort through everything in your pantry at least twice a year.
  3. Except for toilet paper and possibly bar soap, only keep a few extra toiletries on hand at any given time. Toiletry goods expire quickly (especially makeup), so buy them only when you need them. “

World most expensive Iphone

Alexander Amosu, a young entrepreneur, turn his success in Single Most Expensive Suit, mp3 player and more, was one of the luxury designer creating expensive iPhone costing $140,000

While the Austrian luxury designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson creator of one of the world’s most expensive cell phones, has quite literally outdone himself.

His one of initials iPhone was Princess Plus is worth $176,400 while the somewhat more pedestrian “Brilliants only” version sold for $66,150 and the most expensive Kings Button’s $2.4 million price tag.

Kings Buttons

Mewing and Barking Airline

Have you heard the Pet Airways? Yup, for $149 you can transport your pet on a luxury airplane.

Have you heard the Pet Airways? Yup, for $149 you can transport your pet on a luxury airplane.

Of course, they have flight attendant and more. Flights available on US Port only, Chicago to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to New York and New York to Chicago.

Wireless Kindle 2.0, goodbye paperback

Just yesterday, Gerry and I have a conversation of what I see myself after 10 years or so… I told him, I see myself on the herb garden, sitting on a couch, sipping a tea, laptop on the side and reading a book, reading lots of books… Maybe because I was really love in the Twilight Saga, a friend of mine gave me the audio and I downloaded the  pdf book version.

Yup… I tell you, its not a paperback books rather a gadget, thick as paper board, wherein all my favorite books stored. Then I saw the the Amazon revealed the Wireless Kindle 2.0, it’s an e-book reader you don’t even have to read — it reads to you. Yup it has a built-in text-to-speech. Currently, the Kindle store offers just 31 newspapers and 22 magazines, good start but not yet impressive since thousands of periodicals published around the world.

The new Kindle is actually a bit taller than the old one, yet the 6-inch screen is exactly the same size, SD CARD slot up to 2GB, Amazon’s 3G Whispernet wireless tech to automatically sync your content between multiple Kindles.

Wireless Kindle 2.0

But I still love the touchscreen tabloid called FirstPaper of Media giant Hearst Corp. which is Linux Based. But you can choose to any available ebook reader in market at a price that’s close to e-readers such as the $280 Sony Reader, the $399 Amazon Kindle or the $350 Ectaco Jetbook. Still you can buy a laptop for affordable price of $699.

The Philippine International Balloon Fiesta

On February 12 to 15 2009, The Tourism and Promotions Office (TPO) of the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) announced that at least 25 countries are expected to participate in the 14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF).

Aside the Hot Balloon Display, Remote Control Flying, the Aeromodelling group will provide radio controlled airplane airshows of various aspects. You will also enjoyed the Skydiving Ramblings, Kite Flying exhibitions and one of the most awaiting event of Ultralights, or very light aircraft, or light sport aircraft exhibition.

The Philippine International Balloon Fiesta

New Year… New Day… Welcome 2009!

2008 was a blessing year and equally crazy year for me. This were the best thing happen with us.

apple.ilagan.org placed on Best Pinoy Website Galleries last June 2008. We have launched the Persona Digita. Last July Google can Index Flash Textual Content. Then September we attended the Graphika Manila 2008, then I launched the AppleByte.org later part of September.

What happened next? Let me see… Persona Digita featured Free CSS Template while TDP have a Halloween Party!

December… I featured DEO the Crude Oz and The Straightjacket. Then I lost my laptop. Huhuhuu! But glad to attended Party here, party there!

Here I am, TDP welcome me with open arms. Welcome 2009!

Crude Oz and The Straightjacket

Deo, one of the best web designer I know, was also the chief songwriter of Crude Oz Band. Yup, this very artistic musician was been my office mate. I heard him sing a couple of times but with his original composition, wowee! Very impressive.

They are not sound like another alternative band. In fact, their sound has the feel of the old with a touch of modern beats. Still they maintained an original and distinctive pop rock rhythm. Well, two of their songs, “Nasaan Ka?” and “Invisible Chains,” have both been named Track of the Week this year, by NU107.

What News?

Check out their first album “The Straightjacket“. You can enjoy and download it for FREE.

About Straightjacket
Lenin, the band’s bassist has this to say: Pinili namin yung title na Straightjacket kasi yung karamihan ng mga kanta ay parang galing sa isang taong nababaliw na dahil sa mga karanasan nya. Syempre lahat nung mga nababaliw eh kadalasan nakastraghtjacket di ba. Isa pang dahilan ay dahil matagal nang naipun ang mga kantang ‘to. Parang lahat nung damdamin, gigil na gigil nang makawala, so parang pag binuksan nyo yung cd at pinakinggan mo yung mga kanta, pinakawalan mo na rin kami sa wakas sa aming straghtjacket.

The Crude Oz Band playing gigs in venues like Purple Haze, RJ Bar, 6 Underground, Freedom Bar, Club Dredd, Kublai’s and 9mile.